Per citizen in the U.S. eats around 2.3 pounds of cranberries a year

Vaccinium macrocarpon is the official name of the cranberry. Per citizen in the U.S. eats around 2.3 pounds of cranberries a year. There are a variety of ways you can eat cranberries, like raw, dried, and fried in the sauce. New cranberries are higher in nutrients such as fiber, potassium, and main vitamins; they are much higher in calories and sugar. The fruit grows in the bogs of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin, among other states and portions of Canada. The English mossberry, a smaller variety of cranberry, will survive on vines in Europe for more than 100 years, according to the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association.
Should You Eat Cranberries? The Benefits, Nutrition, and More.

Obesity has almost tripled globally since 1975

Obesity has almost tripled globally since 1975. Total dietary replacement techniques have become widely shared in the fight against obesity. High-protein diets have been found to support weight loss and maintenance. Studies showed that high-protein total dietary replacement contributed to higher energy consumption, accelerated fat oxidation, and negative fat balance” The findings provide more proof that calories are not just calories, says Dr. Peter Wexler, author of a recent study on high-protein total dietary replacements. The research has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It was tested on stable, normal-weight adults aged 18 to 35 years.
A higher protein diet may contribute to an increase in energy expenditure and fat oxidation. High-protein complete dietary substitutes could be a potential food approach to tackle increasing obesity rates. Future experiments are expected in order better to understand the long-term implications of this dietary experiment.

Are high-protein total diet replacements the key to maintaining healthy weight?.

A good-quality chicken noodle soup is nourishing

A good-quality chicken noodle soup is nourishing because of the bone broth, vegetables, and protein-rich meat. Research suggests it may prove particularly beneficial when you are sick. Not all chicken soups are created equal; some contain a compound called carnosine that can prepare the immune system to fight the early flu stages. Most recipes include the following ingredients: vegetables, meat, broth, noodles, noodles.

Chicken soup is jam-packed with nutritious ingredients that make it a healthy meal, whether you are sick or not.

There are certainly a lot of foods out there that can help with longevity.

There are certainly a lot of foods out there that can help with longevity. However, while there are many foods one can eat for longer life, here is one snack food, in particular, that should be in the regular meal rotation, and that is blueberries. Blueberries are a smaller fruit than most, yet when looking at blueberries’ health benefits, they can easily be categorized as the best snack food to eat for longer life. Here is why, and for more healthy eating tips, be sure to check out our list of 21 Best Healthy Cooking Hacks of All Time.

Why blueberries are the best snack
To understand why blueberries are the best snack food, we need to take a close look at the health benefits—particularly the antioxidants. Blueberries have the highest amount of antioxidants compared to any other food, and according to a study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, foods rich in antioxidants help with longevity. In particular, having a diet rich in antioxidants—which are typically found in fruits and vegetables—have been proven to slow down the aging process and ward off “degenerative diseases of aging such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, immune-system decline, brain dysfunction, and cataracts.”
The One Snack Food To Eat for a Longer Life.

Soup is the ultimate candidate when it comes to calming, warming, balanced foods

Soup is the ultimate candidate when it comes to calming, warming, balanced foods: you can fill it with nutrients and select your favorite spices, and it is easy to prepare for lunch all week. The source of any decent soup is a good broth: that much is for sure. So, the easiest way to add bonus benefits and taste to your favorite soup is with a homemade broth instead of a store-bought stock. It is also a perfect way to use all the ingredients’ bits to minimize food waste.

Moreover, when it comes to the advantages that can be attributed to soup, your intestine’s protection is one of the essential aspects of your health. Healthy health affects your health outside the digestive tract, and poor intestinal health can lead to mood disturbances, skin irritation, and chronic fatigue.

Although without a doubt, the food you eat affects your intestines, there is more to it than just that: too much heat, lack of sleep, and not spending enough time moving the body can all lead to intestinal issues.

7 Homemade Broths To Upgrade The Gut-Health Benefits Of Any Soup.

Synthetically sweetened beverages may not be a more healthy alternativ

Synthetically sweetened beverages may not be a more healthy alternative after all, with a latest study finding an increased danger of heart problems.

Outcomes stemmed from the French NutriNet-Santé research with over 104,000 respondents and their nutritional data, concluded every six months, corresponding to a news release. Results were released in the Journal of American College of Cardiology.

“Compared to non-consumers, both higher customers of sugary beverages and of synthetically sweetened drinks had increasing concerns of first occurrence cardiovascular condition, after taking into account a extended array of confounding aspects,” research experts published.


Diet drinks linked to same heart issues as sweetened beverages, study says.

Did you know that drinking coffee before breakfast could have negative effect on blood glucose control, study suggests?

Put down your cups. Alternatively, at minimum, put them down till at once after the morning meal.

Emerging research from the Center for Nutrition, Exercise & Metabolism at the University of Bath has revealed that drinking coffee after the breakfast is far better for having healthy blood sugar levels after a night of inadequate sleep.


Drinking coffee before breakfast could have negative effect on blood glucose control, study suggests.

Man Dies From Overeating Black Licorice, What Is Glycyrrhizic Acid?

Black licorice resulted in a 54-year-old man having a cardiac arrest and death. Black licorice is much like Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” or Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” one tends to either love it or hate it. There’s no middle ground.
But if one somehow thinks black licorice would be to die for, be mindful. That’s l what could happen if one overeats of these things. The England Journal of Medicine included an instance study of a 54-year-old man with an immediate cardiac arrest. It died after eating 1 to 2 packages of black licorice each day.
The words “good diet” and “two large packages of black licorice” mostly don’t go together unless there is the word “besides” in between. The person had regularly eaten up to two large fruit-flavored soft candy packages daily before switching to black licorice. Now, it wasn’t red licorice, but it was the sort that includes glycyrrhizic acid. Once black licorice gets into the body (usually by one mouth), the human body can change glycyrrhizic acid into the similarly complicated label of glycyrrhetinic acid.
Three weeks in his emerging licorice diet, the adult male was in a fast-food restaurant when he abruptly began trembling and lost consciousness. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) arrived during the scene after about four minutes. They found that man struggled with ventricular fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm that leaves the heart quivering and cannot pump blood effectively. That was a crisis and a life-threatening situation.
The EMTs tried cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), administered electric shocks to his chest, gave him medications, and brought him to your hospital. Although medical personnel eventually got him out of that heart rhythm, he remained in critical condition. Tests revealed that he had potassium abnormally in the blood while high degrees of potassium in the urine. He required a ventilator to breathe, had unstable blood circulation pressure, and went into kidney failure. Approximately 32 hours after they had admitted him to the hospital, unfortunately, the person passed away.
The culprit was probably glycyrrhetinic acid that may inhibit the 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 (11βHSD2). If someone says that they would like to touch the 11βHSD2, inform their hands off, no one messes because of the 11βHSD2. Doing so can leave one singing “Who Let the Dogs Out” regarding the cortisol. Unbridled cortisol activity can then result in kidneys excreting too much potassium and not enough sodium out via the urine. That can lead to excessively low levels of potassium and too many quantities of sodium into the blood. The blood pressure levels could go way up; the kidneys could fail, while the heart could go into abnormal rhythms to where one suffers cardiac arrest. Otherwise, no problem, right?
What does one do if one wishes to have something that tastes like NyQuil with no inconvenience of getting sick first? Well, this case report doesn’t mean any particular one has to forsake black licorice, also known as black licorice, forever. One key is moderation; that will be one key for practically something that is not avocado toast. In line with the UK National Health Service, problems are much more likely to arise if one eats noticeably more than 57 grams or 2 ounces associated with stuff each day for two weeks. Wearing a lot more than that level of black licorice is an alternate story:
Three models wear outfits entirely made from licorice 05 June 2005 in the western town. If one is planning to wear black licorice, do the alternative: be sure that one has a fair amount of it. One doesn’t want individuals to have a “look-orice” past the licorice. Just don’t eat most of the clothes afterward.
Being over 40-years-old and having a brief history of high blood pressure or heart disease can increase increased complications when eating black licorice; this is certain, not wearing it.
Regardless of age, stop the black licorice munching and call a doctor if a person experiences heart palpitations, mainly when one is not listening to your song “My Heart Will Go On” from the movie Titanic. Muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, chest pain, or other types of health conditions should raise concerns. One also might want to finish up eating black licorice if teeth get black, plus one is likely to go on a romantic date. Unless one already intent on sharing a lace (string) of black licorice with the date similar to Lady and the Tramp shared that noodle.

Man Dies From Overeating Black Licorice, What Is ….
UK-Douglas: Service Level Agreement for the Provision of a ….

Mediterranean food regimen

Mediterranean-type diets — rich in vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains and typically excluding pork — happen to the theme of various studies about fitness and nutrition.

Existing research has discovered a number of those who use the Mediterranean diet can have better heart and metabolic health, live longer, and could even possess better mental health.

A new study conducted by specialists from institutions in eight countries — which includes the University of Bologna, in Italy, and University College Cork, in Ireland — has become exacerbating possibilities of potential benefits brought about using a Mediterranean diet.

The researchers — who report their findings in the journal Gut — dealt with data made from a cohort of more than 600 mature workers in five countries. They found that, round the spectrum, a Mediterranean diet seems to improve aging individuals’ gut wellbeing and reduce frailty.

Drinking green leaf tea, instead of black, may help you live longer, new study implies

Drinking tea a minimum of thrice every week could reduce the risk of dying from heart problems and is linked with a longer and healthier life, at least in China, new research suggests. Chinese researchers found the rewards associated with tea were more pronounced for drinkers of green, rather than black tea, and regarding those who had been drinking tea regularly over the longer period of time. The advantages were also clearer among men, the research indicated.

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Researchers checked out data from 100,902 Chinese people without cases of heart attack, stroke or cancer and divided them into two groups: habitual drinkers who drank tea three or more times every week, those who never drank tea, and those who drank it less regularly. They followed up with them following a seven-year period.

Their analysis found that regular tea drinkers had a 20% lower risk of having cardio disease and stroke, and a 22% lower likelihood of dying from heart disease and stroke. Specifically, they found that regular tea drinkers could expect to live 1.26 years longer at age 50 than individuals who didn’t regularly take part in cup of tea.

Reading the tea leaves about whether drinking green tea is good for you
“We came to find that the protective outcome of habitual tea consumption were very pronounced and robust across different outcomes for men, but only modest for women,” Dr. Dongfeng Gu from China’s National Center for Cardiovascular Disease, Peking Union Medical College and the Chinese Academy of Medical Science said via email. “One reason might be which the proportion of habitual tea consumers among men was approximately two and a half [times] as high as that among women,” Gu said. Some 48% of the men in the study were regular tea drinkers, compared with 20% of ladies.
Gu said Chinese women were very likely to drink herbal tea produced from rosebuds or lotus leaves however this information wasn’t included.

In their analysis, the researchers controlled for some factors like smoking, drinking, eating habits and physical activity that could have explained the link between tea drinking and driving longevity. However, as an observational study it can’t establish cause and effect, only association.
“Other things to consider that are not mentioned within the study are: Firstly, what individuals who weren’t drinking tea were drinking — was tea replaced by sugary drinks or caffeinated beverages … and started that what increased their risk…?” said Jodie Relf, a registered dietitian and spokesperson regarding the British Dietetic Association.

Black vs. green
The advantages linked to drinking black tea “were not much,” Gu said, but that could be since there were far fewer black tea drinkers present in the research — only about 8% of the habitual tea drinkers engaging in the study said they preferred black tea.

Gu also said that green tea is a richer supply of flavanoids, especially tea polyphenols, and these bioactive compounds could be protective against cardiovascular disease. While from the same plant and containing the same amount of caffeine, black tea is processed differently from green leaf tea after picking. “Black tea is fully fermented and tea polyphenols might be oxidized into pigments and inactivate during fermentation. Thus green tea ends up being more effective than black tea in anti-oxidation, improving blood lipid profile, and in turn, to become more effective in cardiovascular protection,” Gu said.

Can green leaf tea maximize your brainpower and treat disease?
Gunter Kuhnle, a professor of nutrition and food science, University of Reading in the UK, who was not engaged with the study but conducts research into the association between flavanoids and health, said it’s not currently known how tea — or even the compounds found in tea — affect health.

“The antioxidant effect of polyphenols found in tea has long been assumed to become responsible, however this has been resoundingly disproved in the last decade. Many of the compounds present in tea might have a brilliant effect, however this is at the moment still under investigation,” he told the Science Media Centre (SMC) in London.
As the world’s most popular drink after water, Gu said that tea-drinking habits varied from place to place and of course the findings will possibly not apply to Western countries, where black tea has been a more accepted choice — often taken with milk or sugar.

Drinking very hot tea almost doubles likelihood of cancer, new study says
“Tea consumption is part of a cultural heritage, along with its health effects might be confounded by other consuming patterns, for instance, intake of other flavanoid-rich food or beverages like coffee.”
The conclusions of previous research on the health advantages of tea has been inconsistent, Gu said, with the study noting that green leaf tea were linked to lower risk of cadiovascular disease in Japan however in the british isles no link was observed with black tea taken with milk.

“This study strengthens the body of evidence that habitual tea drinking is associated with lower chances of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, though it cannot give proof that it’s definitely the tea that’s responsible,” Dr. Jenna Macciochi, a lecturer in immunology at the University of Sussex, told the SMC. However, she noted that “a body of evidence in nutrition means that whole diet patterns are more informative of diet-disease relationships than any isolated food or nutrient.” Dr. Duane Mellor, a registered dietitian and senior teaching fellow at Aston Medical School, Aston University, said that while green leaf tea is safe and may even have benefits, green leaf tea supplements “ought to be considered carefully as there has long been a number of cases of liver damage reported in individuals who have consumed these in large doses.”

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