If A Person Is Running For The Highest Office in The Nation, Should He or She Have Knowledge On Hot Button Issues?


This is a sensitive subject for women. Punishing women, that is an interesting concept. The problem is, some would like to elect Trump as president. So, if Trump is going to punish women. Women you need to run and run fast. Though, I personally believe in life or give the child to a loving family who can not have children that would be ideal for those families. But, to punish a woman for this. We are only human, we have no right to judge  and when laws are passed to box women in, with no rights, that is just modern-day institutionalized slavery. We need to call it out and recognize what it is. We do not know if the woman was attacked or forced to have a child because of a horrific experience. I cannot be the judge on any person’s life. This is something  the person will have to live with.

“The woman is a target in this case as is the life in her womb.”

Donald Trump said in a new interview Wednesday that he would support banning abortions, as well as “some form of punishment” for women who undergo the procedure illegally. However, he or she later backed far from those comments amid critique from rivals in both events.

The original exchange came as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews attempted to pin Trump down on his views about child killing illegal baby killing in an interview which aired Wed night. Matthews requested the Republican presidential frontrunner, “How can you ban illegal baby killing? Just how do you do it? ”

After repeating his stance of being “pro-life” multiple times, Trump said, “You know you will go back to a position like where they experienced where people perhaps will go to against the law places… However, you have to prohibit it. ”

Matthews hard pressed Trump on which should happen to women who get abortions under a future ban—the prospect has called for creating a commitment to reversing the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Sort decision a litmus test for appointing justices. “There needs to be some form of punishment, ” Trump said, but that he has “not determined what the punishment would be. ”

Matthews requested if the man who got the lady pregnant would be legally responsible. Trump responded, “I would say no, ”
Shortly after a segment of the interview was posted online Wednesday afternoon, Overcome released a statement, stating the “issue is not clear and really should be put back into the says for dedication. ” The particular prospect then released another statement walking back his comments on punishing girls that have abortions.

“If Congress were to pass legislation making illegal baby killing illegitimate and the government courts upheld this law, or any state was permitted to ban child killing illegal baby-killing under state, and federal government law. The doctor or any other person performing the illegitimate would be placed legally responsible, not the lady, ” Trump said in the other statement. “The woman is a sufferer in cases like this being the life in her womb. My position has not changed—like Ronald Reagan; We are pro-life with exceptions. ”

Conservative prospects who are at odds of illegal baby killing rights recommend legal repercussions for physicians and medical providers who perform abortions although not for women. However, Trump, who once described himself as “very pro-choice” and says he has since “evolved” on the issue, was evidently less comfortable under asking.

Other individuals in the race for president immediately jumped on Trump.

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Watch out the Laws You Pass to Discriminate, Could these Laws Come Back to be Your Nightmare?

gay1As a blogger, I know that some may not share my thoughts and belief, however, I believe whether we agree with people or not, that we should have a love for our neighbor. I might not agree with my neighbor, but love is what brings us together. I overheard a conversation about the LGBT community, and while listening to the statements, I was applaud of what was coming out of Christians mouths. I was asked for my response; I said answered with a question, who in the shop has a perfect life? The shop went quiet. Who has committed sin in their mind while being angry with another person? How many have lusted after a woman? Still no answer. I responded, “Do not use God as a pon because God is not a Pon. Using the Bible to an AK47 to shoot people down does not give you that right to do unjust drive-by shootings with your lips. The same Bible used to enslave, was the same Bible used to kill millions of Jew, the same Bible used to oppress women was that same Bible that was used to deny rights to individuals who are different, and this was the same Bible used to write a constitution that excluded American Indians. Then I processed to say; there is a difference between reading the Bible and Studying the Bible. Studying means that you struggle with text and critically break that text down using the actual language, Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. If one is not critically translating this text in its original form, I have questions. So, before quoting scripture make sure you know what you are saying because King James I was a homosexual and murderer.

Anti-gay religious community heads in Kokomo, Indiana, are getting down on their knees to pray that they will remain to enjoy the privilege to discriminate against
LGBT persons.

Kokomo’s Common Council voted 5-4 to approve an LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance. The ordinance is a response to the Indiana Legislature’s failure to pass statewide law that would protect LGBT persons.

if the council approves the ordinance about second reading this evening, Kokomo will become one of regarding Indiana cities which may have approved LGBT protections.

About Thursday, 100 religious leaders opposed the ordinance gathered to pray that one council member will change their vote while on their knees inside Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church.

However, organizers of the rally insisted they were acting out of love, not hate, and merely following “God’s word. ”

“It is never right for a man ever to be in a the female bathrooms, (or) locker rooms in Kokomo, Indiana, ” noted Eric Miller, the founder of Advance American, an Indianapolis-based anti-LGBT group.

Sadly, Tribune reporter Cara Ball did not bother to contact anyone who supports the ordinance for her story. She did nothing also to table the false, fear-mongering declaration that the ordinance can in some manner lead to possible sexual predators going into women’s restrooms and so preying on young girls.

Soon after Improve America’s Miller got dealt with the council carry on Mon, officials began offering inclination to speakers who are in the populous metropolis.

Some of those speakers were Aleczander Leader, an 18-year-old trans scholar at Kokomo High school graduation who have refuted the trans bathroom myth poignantly.

“I simply want to know why most people fellas think we are going to end up being potential predators, seeing as how the washroom can be our worst problem? ” Dean told that authority.

Mount Pisgah Pastor L. E. Anderson mentioned that he did not have a problem with LGBT people.

“God loves them as he loves us, ” Anderson told the Tribune. “It is not about LGBT. It is not about heterosexual. It is not about homosexual. It is about God’s word, and that trumps everything. ”

Councilman Stephen Whikehart, the author of the ordinance, told The New Civil Rights Movement he is confident it will pass on the second reading.
“The five of us our firm and adamant on the subject of creating a complete part of legislation that expands city rights protections to add: era, marital status, expert level, sexual orientation and male or female identity, ” this individual explained. If our community strategies to remain competitive nearby, and so nationally globally, we must entice and retain households, quality professionals, and hard-working people. Part of this kind of interest comes with creating a secure and so inclusive environment. We can not end up being influenced by misguided beliefs plus the propagation of dread.


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A Call For Women to Unite and Stand Against Sexism,Sexist Politicians should Beware of Sisterhood-Power?

Trum and Kelly1Afer contemplating Mr. Trumps obsessiveness towards this new anchor, I wonder if there was any wrong.  My conclusion was that this was an attack on women. Any individual who makes sexist remark toward women has a problem.  Click on the link and you would be repulsed. This injustice did not just start with Ms. Kelly; this has been a long festering problem that has surfaced. The Bias and discrimination of women by chauvinistic men is one of the demons that we should fight. The lady was going her job; that job is to ask tough questions.If you are not equipped to answer the questions, silence is the best remedy. But, if you are intimidated and react, you tend to be unintelligent. As my grandmother would say, “If you can’t take the heat in the kitchen, get the hell out of the kitchen because you are in the way of progress, the work must go on.”If you know any women, pass the message forward and stand united against injustice against women.

The Fox News representative in Friday criticized GOP UNITED STATES president front-runner Donald Overcome in support of asking for a relégation concerning anchorperson Megyn Kelly’s tv show regarding the networking structure.

“Donald Trump’s vitriolic symptoms are opposing Megyn Kelly obsessive, excessive, sick infatuation because of her is beneath the self-worth of a presidential nominee who aspires to undertake the greatest office online, ” the representative set by a report.

“Megyn is an exemplary journalist and one of the outstanding anchors in America we’re very very pleased with her incredible work and maintain to make fully it possible for and support her completely Trump’s endless barrage concerning crude and sexist oral attacks
As the mother concerning three vibrant children, which has an outstanding law profession as well as second top-ranked present in cable tv, it’s exclusively deplorable for her to become usually mistreated just for performing her own duty. ”

Trump in Friday asked his enthusiasts to tune out on “The Kelly File, ” on the rise, his own continual feud with Kelly and the woman’s employers.

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Could Being a Drum Major For Justice By Using Our Voice Might Be The Best Weapon Against Bigotry?

bigots1I am glad that someone is speaking up about the occurrences at these rallies. This is not a show; this is a reality. Individual prepare themselves by studying political science, and learning law to be leaders in government. Are they perfect, no, but it is possible for change to happen. It may take a long or short time. The nation continues to grow, and there is room for improvement. Laws that was intended to segregate have been debated for years. Legislation that oppressed people because of race, ethnicity, gender, age and orientation gradually changes for the better. It is not too late, to stand for justice

Liberal champ Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS) went on to Facebook recently to issue a clear forewarning to Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, progressives, fundamentalists, and progressive people in America of all races, ethnicities and social status. Warned against Trump descends even further inside the dreary wormhole of racial hatred and fascist rage.

Certainly, there is absolutely no advantage in silence. The xenophobic attacks against non-white US citizens increase in the rate of recurrence. The receptive racism and physical violence at Trump rallies spikes as white supremacists and bigots emerge from the woodwork to misdirected passion and shows of toughness, reasonable and realistic Americans who have confidence in the ideals of building up a tolerance and diversity that made the nation great must protect our inhabitants against the danger presented by Trump and his rabid enthusiasts. Liberals must mobilize a counter-movement to demonstrate that individuals are not going to allow uninformed bigots and narcissistic buffoons to bully people into silence. The Sanders followers who risked themselves and productively de-activate a Trump rally in Chicago made a strong stand – we should build from their triumph and show Trump and the modern world that the United States will never allude to this type of revolting unsupported claims.


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As a Society We Need to Embrace Difference, Are We Doing Enough to Stand Up for Individual Who Are Different?

trump anger 2Many individuals are immigrants to this country. The country is made up of immigrants. All people have the right to live in a safe community. When individual make a distinction between them and us, this is not okay. The prejudices and biases should not be a part of the political arena. Just to repeat this slogan, “Let’s make America great again.” America was already great before invader came to took the land forcing people off of their land, extinguishing their culture, forcing them not to practice their belief, outlawing them to speak their language. Immigrants bring rich cultural traditions that help to build America. If cultural richness is taking away, we as a society has failed and fallen short of what is means to be a progressive and productive society.

Any time Donald Trump speaks in one of his rallies, Gisell Broch physically responds. She cringes.
“He’s just like a punch to the full gut. ”
That punch is so palpable
“He’s a racist, said Broch, from her front row seat in a naturalization information session inside Homestead, Florida. When Broch files her paperwork, the girl expects she will vote for Trump.
Trump’s campaign pledge to build a wall along the U. S. -Mexico border and his declaration that Mexico sends crooks, drugs and rapists directly into America have become the rallying cry for Latinos. The Trump campaign states his proposed immigration reconstructs will finish up reaping helpful benefits legal Latino immigrants.
Like the noticeable protests at Trump’s rallies, quiet but powerful protests have been making among immigrants who are long term residents in the Combined States since Trump’s strategy announcement last June.
Just what it would decide to use build Trump’s border wall 02: 34
Figures from  Citizenship and Migration Services show a 14. 5% jump in naturalization applications in June-December regarding 2015 compared with typically the same six months in the particular previous year. Federal info does not break down those applications by competition, but grass-roots organizations, just like the Florida Immigrant Cabale, say their naturalization drives across their swing state are filled mainly by simply Latinos.
“They feel unsafe with his phrases, ” said Florida Migrant Coalition spokesman Ivan Parriza. “They desire to be respected. Regarding them, it is an emergency. ”
Parra has been among the attorneys weaving through people from table to be able to table in a given space at a mall within Lauderhill, Florida. The occasion opened at ten. But, the line had begun to form at five a. Marielle., said Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness. At the very least 50, individuals showed upward without appointments, hoping to begin filing paperwork.
Holness stated in the 40 many years he’s lived in Fl, he’s never seen these individual residents filing for citizenship. Naturalization advocates say applications spiked in election years, but this particular year has been remarkable.
“Trump’s tone makes people scared. Though he’s often saying ‘illegal, individuals with been here don’t feel secure either. They can be next. So regarding one, they want to protect themselves, so they don’t get thrown away for just for any reason. Two, they will want to ensure they’re involved to the extent that will they can contribute to being able to insure that Trump’s not the person, ” this individual said.
Grass-roots groups point to the enormous population that for many many years didn’t pursue citizenship, usually citing the $680 charge as a factor. Even though permanent residents are qualified to vote in close and state elections, just citizens can vote. The opportunity presented seems to get trumped that once-prohibitive cost to utilize said Catholic Legal Services’ Raul Hernandez.
“If that will is the motivation regarding them to become people, I welcome the determination, ” said Hernandez. He or she adds that if those residents become naturalized, “it’s a game changer. inches
“It’s going to end up being an entirely different political situation — folks using a different view of being a citizen.
New poll: 3 away of 4 Hispanics ‘don’t like Trump’ 01: fifty-eight
Data from the University or college of Southern California Centre for your Study of Immigrant Integration shows in typically the United States, 4. five million Latinos are entitled to naturalization. In the particular swing states, those potential voters are a sizeable voting bloc. Nevada has more than 64, 000 qualified to become citizens. The state of Colorado has some 57, 1000. Florida is home to 415, 000, based on Catholic Legal Services.
In Republican strongholds, the numbers offer a glimpse into typically the future. Arizona has from least 139, 000 Latinos eligible to become naturalized. Texas has at the very least 750, 000.
“This will be a direct result associated with his words, ” stated Maria Elena Salinas, Univision anchor, and vocal Donald Trump critic. “This period around this is diverse. They’re going to stop Donald Trump. ”
Salinas, the co-anchor of Noticiero Univision, typically the nightly newscast of the USA States’ most-watched Spanish-language television network and is a single of the most identified and trusted Latina press in Americatrump anger 2.
Soon after Trump entered the race, Salinas penned an editorial greatly criticizing the Republican front-runner. She also anchors together with Jorge Ramos, famously thrown out of an Overcome news conference when he or she attempted to confront Trump on his immigration plans and refused to take a seat.
Univision is owned just by Haim Saban, a wealthy political donor who provides poured millions into Hillary Clinton’s super PACs and candidacy.
Univision, as the powerful media conglomerate, offers joined unapologetically with grass-roots groups to have out typically the Latino vote in Nov.

Salinas sees this election season as a struggle that Latinos have combined to get on. “You feel it. You know Donald Trump is your enemy, as they declared war. He declared us enemies. There’s something powerful to say regarding the vote. It’s a weapon. ”
According to what Salinas has seen this election cycle, she can make this prediction: “The similar group he is attacking is the one to stop him from going to the White House. Inside November with this year, the Latino vote is going to stop Donald Trump. ”
Sixty-four-year-old Colombian local Edgar Ripoll plans to become a part of that block that stops Trump within November. In the USA States since 1991, Ripoll raised his two youngsters in the States and sent one son to the U. S. military. The attraction of his life had been working hard and dwelling lawfully and peacefully. Nevertheless, the anger that’s the particular driving emotion in Trump’s rise has captured Ripoll this election. Ripoll is angry as well, plus is channeling that rage into his first political election this November.
“Many regarding us are against their campaign and his guidelines, ” he said. Enjoying off Trump’s campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again, ” Ripoll additional, “Latinos make the nation great. ”


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