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Are you familiar with NATO’s Article 5 and its application to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

US authorities have made it plain that American soldiers would avoid confrontation with Russian forces, and NATO countries have resisted requests to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, saying that it might result in a “full-fledged war in Europe.”

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If Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine crossed into a NATO member state, the situation could quickly deteriorate, triggering a response following NATO’s Article 5 policy. What is Article 5, and how does it pertain to Ukraine’s continuing conflict? What you need to know is as follows: What is the purpose of Article 5? Article 5 states that an assault on one NATO member constitutes an attack on all NATO members. The idea serves as a deterrent to prospective enemies targeting NATO countries.

Given that the US is NATO’s most prominent and most powerful member, every state inside the alliance is essentially protected by the US. Article 5: How does Russia’s aggression on Ukraine apply? Because Ukraine is not a NATO member, the US is not obligated to defend it in the same manner that it would if a NATO member nation were attacked. However, many of Ukraine’s neighbors are NATO members, and if a Russian invasion extends into one of them, Article 5 may spark direct US and NATO member intervention. What is the definition of an attack against a NATO member state? Article 5 wording stipulates that collective action is triggered by an “armed assault” against a member country. NATO members choose what constitutes an “armed assault,” and Russia’s hostile stance has already raised concerns about the country’s propensity to provoke a NATO reaction. Senator Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, recently warned The Washington Post that a Russian assault on Ukraine might have ramifications that extend beyond the intended “geographical limits” and threaten NATO nations. While local officials have said that “no change in radiation levels” has occurred in the region, what if there had been a radioactive leak that spread to a NATO member nation? “That is a decision for the alliance to make,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby previously told CNN.


Here’s what NATO’s Article 5 is and how it applies to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
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Watch Out,A Reformed White Nationalist Says the most terrible Is an example of to Come!

It’s going to get worse.
That’s the warning of a former violent extremist, Christian Picciolini, who joined a neo-Nazi movement 30 years ago and in fact now attempts to get people out of them. White-supremacist terrorists—the ones who have left dozens dead in attacks in Pittsburgh, New Zealand, and El Paso, Texas, the past few months—aren’t just trying to outdo another, he told us. They’re trying to outdo Timothy McVeigh, the anti-government terrorist who blew up an Oklahoma City federal building and killed greater than 100 people in 1995—the worst terrorist attack within the united states before September 11, 2001.

On Saturday morning in El Paso, a gunman shot and killed 22 people, including children, on a Walmart. The shop was crowded for back-to-school-shopping season. The victims included a high-school student, an elementary-school teacher, and a couple carrying their infant son, who survived. And the shooter, based on an online manifesto authorities attributed to the suspect, saw himself fighting a “Hispanic invasion” as he gunned them down.
That shooting, in addition to yet another one hours later, wherein an attack killed nine individuals over half a minute in Dayton, Ohio, renewed the clamor for gun-control laws that has become a grim ritual after such events. But Picciolini said that even if the U.S. could get a handle on its gun problem, terrorists can always find other ways. McVeigh had his car bomb, the September 11th hijackers had their airplanes, Islamic State attackers have suicide bombings, trucks, and knives. “I have to ask myself, Can we have white-nationalist airline pilots?” Picciolini said. “There have to be. I knew people in powerful positions, in politics, in law enforcement, who were secretly white nationalists. I think we’d be stupid and selfish to believe that that most of us don’t have those in the truck-driving industry.”


Why is it dangerous to wear a kippah in public?

It is dangerous to determine publicly as Jewish in Germany, including wearing a kippah or yalmulka, Germany’s commissioner warned.

In an interview, Felix Klein told the Berliner Morgenpost on May 24 that he could not endorse that Jews wear a kippah everywhere and any time in Germany. Klein said servants that are public should be more educated on how to combat anti-Semitism in Germany.

Recent government statistics showed a 20 percent rise in the number of anti-Semitic crimes reported within the past year, with an overall total of about 1,800 in the year of 2018. The vast majority of crimes for which a perpetrator or motive is well known were related to the far-right wing.

When looking at the controversial interview published in newspapers of the Funke Media Group, Klein – appointed to his position into the Interior Ministry just last year – was inquired about the security of wearing the traditional Jewish head covering.
Dangerous to wear a kippah in public, Germany’s anti ….

Faceebook ban people conspiracy theorist who promote hate speech

Facebook declared Thursday it absolutely was banning “harmful people” which include known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, alt-right characters Paul Nehlen, Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos, and also noted anti-Semites just like Louis Farrakhan from both Facebook and also Instagram.

A representative at Facebook stated it will likewise take out internet pages, groups and personal data set up on their behalf and may not encourage get-togethers by which those individuals are taking part.

The hazardous and malignant concepts these people claim have contaminated the national politics, the mass media, the general public talk, the sociable fabric and the very perception of protection.

It is not always amazing, then, the fact that for numerous, this approach continues to be recognized as a great advancement that may be long past due. In fact, social websites is, in no small portion, accountable for the surge of these extremely odious hate-mongers.

The American Jewish Committee welcomed the restriction, stating persons including Farrakhan and Jones “have the justification to propagate nauseating hatred but Facebook has got the right (and obligations) to express ‘not on the website.'”
The newspapers which has echoed that opinion in their content, publishing that there is a right of free speech, however they do not have the right to contaminate Facebook’s webpages if Facebook does not desire these individuals.

Curbing these hazardous comments may provide us with an incorrect perception of security that if people cannot listen to or perhaps see these people, they will no longer exist. And I would rather these conceal in plain view so we are significantly familiar with our opponents than pretend that removing their microphones is a remedy.
Their microphones are not necessarily the challenge. It is their thoughts.

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Why did two far-right clowns faked Buttigieg sexual assault claim?


A bogus campaign to dirty presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has been discovered to be the work of two far-right operatives who developed a counterfeit account of sexual harm by a college student.

Jacob Wohl, a right-wing Twitter provocateur, and Jack Burkman, a conservative lobbyist, apparently developed fraudulent accounts for a gay Republican. The Ferris State University college student mentioned he was in correspondence with the activists who flew him to the Washington, D.C., area this week. There he stayed the night at Burkman’s residence and when he awoke early that morning, Kelly said he discovered that social media accounts had been created in his name, with obscure untrue statements that Buttigieg molested him. His sister and husband, who was armed, eventually arrived at the home to get Kelly.

Note: These types of claim can get an innocent person killed. Evil does not pay. These individuals need to think about this. The presidential candidate could have lost his life over ignorance.

Wounded rabbi pleads for individuals to stand up to anti-Semitism by filling temples

Rabbi Goldstein
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Executive Director Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who was shot in the hands, walks towards a press conference

Responding to the rabbi wounded in the shooting at a Southern California synagogue, scores of an individual have been filling temples coast to coastline to protest anti-Semitism.

Following the rampage Saturday during the Chabad of Poway synagogue near north park, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who had been simply shot in both hands on the attack, delivered a plea for Jewish people to pack houses of worship this Friday and Saturday.

On Tuesday, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) stated that the Jewish community in the Unitest States experienced a near-historic levels of anti-Semitism in 2018, with attacks against Jews and Jewish organizations doubling in number. The ADL recorded 1,879 anti-Semitic incidents in the united states in 2018, the third-highest year on record since the organization began monitoring such information within the 1970s.

Another planned terrorist attack by a man in Los Angeles area: When will these acts of violence stop?

Army veteran Mark Steven Domingo, 26, in an undated California Department of Motor Vehicles photo released by the U.S. Justice Department

A U.S. Army veteran who fought in Afghanistan conspired to stage an attack that is terrorist a planned white supremacist rally with the intent of inflicting mass casualties in the Los Angeles area, based on federal prosecutors.

Mark Steven Domingo, 26, was arrested final Friday after he received what he believed had been a live bomb that Domingo intended to detonate at a more prolonged Beach rally scheduled for Sunday. The supposed improvised explosive device was sent to Domingo by the undercover law enforcement officer.

The police charged Domingo with attempting and providing to provide material support to terrorists.

Based on an affidavit, Domingo actively talked about by having an FBI informant the possibility of attacking several possible sites, targeting Jews, cops, churches and a National Guard Armory before settling on the Long Beach rally.