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Hate Speech is Unacceptable

Adidas is immediately severing relations with Ye, previously known as Kanye West.

In the current fiscal year, the company’s net income might be reduced by up to $246,5 million. The rapper has made controversial remarks, including social media postings that are antisemitic. Adidas is reconsidering its relationship with Kanye West’s Yeezy brand, which it deems “one of the most successful partnerships in the history of our business.” It hopes to provide further information on the review later this month. Ye has accused Adidas of stealing his ideas and mismanaging the brand, and ridiculed the company’s departing CEO. Making racist comments does not fix a situation. At any moment, hate speech is inappropriate from anybody.

What do you think of Alabama Senator Tuberville’s comparison of descendants of slaves to criminals?

Saturday, during a rally for former President Donald Trump, Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Alabama, equated descendants of enslaved people to criminals, generating severe outrage for pushing a racist narrative. Before a predominantly white audience in Minden, Nevada, Tuberville denounced Democrats as “pro-crime.” “They desire crime because they wish to seize what you have.” They seek to control your possessions. “They seek compensation because they believe the perpetrators are entitled to it,” Tuberville added. “Bull****! That is not obliged to them.” In a press release, NAACP President Derrick Johnson described Tuberville’s remarks as “flat out racist, ignorant, and utterly sickening.”

A Call For Reparations: How America Might Narrow The Racial Wealth Gap

America is notorious for racial inequality. A Call for Reparations: How the United States Could Reduce the Racial Wealth Gap
Johnson continued, “His words promote a centuries-old lie about Black people that throughout history has resulted in the most dangerous policies and violent attacks on our community.” The office of Tuberville did not reply promptly to NPR’s request for comment. As a means of addressing the enduring impacts of slavery, support for reparations for black Americans whose ancestors were slaves has increased throughout time. More than 170 Democratic co-sponsors backed a measure to examine reparations for slavery last spring. A House committee voted to advance the proposal, but the entire House of Representatives has not yet examined it. As a means of addressing the enduring impacts of slavery, support for reparations for black Americans whose ancestors were slaves has increased throughout time.


Kim, Juliana. “Alabama Sen. Tuberville Equates Descendants of Enslaved People to Criminals : NPR.”, October 10, 2022.

Would you like to know more about Critical Race Theory?

The term “critical race theory” refers to an interdisciplinary intellectual and social movement that originated with civil-rights activists and academics.

Illustration by Marcus Torres

Illustration by Marcus Torres

The mission of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) is to investigate the ways in which race, society, and the law interact in the United States and to contest the liberal mainstream American approach to racial justice. Along with other critical schools of thought, such as critical legal studies, which investigates the ways in which legal procedures maintain the status quo, it emerged for the first time in the 1970s. Theorists affiliated with the Critical Race Theory (CRT) contend that the social and legal construction of race serves to further the interests of white people at the detriment of people of color. Since the year 2020, conservative legislators in the United States have been attempting to outlaw or place restrictions on the teaching of CRT and other forms of anti-racism education in elementary and secondary schools. Those who support the imposition of such prohibitions believe that CRT is not only untrue but also anti-American, promotes extreme leftism, demonizes White people, and indoctrinates youngsters. However, this is a section of my dissertation study that I have completed on this subject. It is written in a way that is easy to comprehend for the lay reader who is interested in learning more about CRT. If you would to purchase a copy of my book on Amazon this is the link:

Did you know that there will likely be further demonstrations this weekend in response to the agony and anger caused by the Supreme Court’s decision about abortion?

According to authorities, tear gas was deployed to disperse protesters outside the Arizona State Capitol. Numerous protestors gathered in New York City’s Washington Square Park to oppose the judgment. Anti-abortion protestors were there, although they maintained a low profile. Following the demonstration, at least 20 individuals were “taken into jail with charges pending” throughout the city. In 2019, the biggest proportion of abortions performed on women requesting the procedure were performed on black women.

According to the statistics, they also had the highest abortion rate, with 23,8 abortions per 1,000 women. Black women who are pregnant or have just given birth are three to four times more likely to die than White women in the same circumstances. Friday, after the Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade, anti-abortion groups protest in Washington, D.C. Champagne is consumed by anti-abortion activists in front of the Supreme Court. Rachel Herring, an anti-abortion campaigner, said, “According to Judaism, life starts with the first breath, when the soul enters the body.”

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, supporters for abortion rights pound on the doors of the Arizona State Senate. On Friday, June 24, anti-abortion demonstrators celebrate in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC. An anti-abortion activist wears socks that proclaim “abortion is cruel” while arguing with an abortion rights activist. On Friday, Jill McElroy and her nine-year-old daughter Meriam joined in an abortion rights rally in front of the Supreme Court. She stated, “A lesson we have always taught our children is that they are the masters of their own bodies, and the Court’s ruling today goes against that, and as a family, we believe that’s wrong.”

Champagne is consumed by anti-abortion activists in front of the Supreme Court. I was there at the moment the decision was made. I am delighted. Earlier, I was walking on air, says pro-life activist Noah Slayter. Friday, the phrase “Our bodies, our choices” is spray-painted on a temporary wall in Washington, D.C.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, pro-choice protestors pound on the doors of the Arizona State Senate on Friday. Outside the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday, an anti-abortion protester wears socks that proclaim “abortion is cruel.” In Arizona and Arkansas, abortion providers have began discontinuing their services. Dr. DeShawn Taylor remarked that she anticipates a period of darkness, albeit hopefully not for too long.

Approximately twenty abortion appointments originally planned for Friday through next week were canceled by Taylor’s facility. The head of Planned Parenthood said, “The majority of patients were desperate or scared” before to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling on abortion availability in certain states. A new legislation in California shields anybody conducting, helping, or receiving an abortion from any prospective civil action originating from outside the state. A clinic owner in Mississippi said that a woman should not have to leave the state to get medical treatment.

Did you know that most Americans don’t support politicians punishing firms for their views, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds?

A Reuters/Ipsos survey revealed that a bipartisan majority of US voters reject governments penalizing firms for their social viewpoints, signaling a chilly response for campaigns like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ against Walt Disney Co.

Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Fla. on Feb. 24, 2022.John Raoux / AP file

However, a two-day survey concluded on Thursday found that 62% of Americans — including 68% of Democrats and 55% of Republicans — said they were less inclined to support a politician who favors suing firms for their political beliefs. As a result, DeSantis signed a measure this week depriving Disney of self-governing power over its Orlando-area parks in punishment for the company’s objection to a new Florida legislation restricting the teaching of LGBTQ matters in schools. Though it was an effort by DeSantis, a rising star in the Republican Party, to enhance his conservative credentials as a cultural fighter in advance of a potential challenge for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

Why did Mike Braun clarify his assertion that states should decide the legality of interracial marriage?

Sen. Mike Braun, a Republican from Indiana, told reporters in his state on Tuesday that states should determine whether interracial marriage is allowed before claiming he misunderstood the questions and condemning “racism in any form.”

Mike Braun is interviewed in Bekah’s Westside Cafe in Lebanon, Ind., in April 2018.

Inquired as to whether or not he thought “interracial marriage should be left to the states, Braun said, “Yes, I believe that’s something — if you don’t want the Supreme Court to weigh in on matters like that, you’re not going to be able to have both your cake and eat it.” But, honestly, I don’t believe that’s right.” In 1967, the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia, allowing interracial marriage in the United States.
Afterward, Braun was quizzed on his thoughts on the 1965 case Griswold v. Connecticut, which established a constitutional right to sexual privacy and made the use of contraception for married couples permissible under federal law. The states, according to Braun, should be the ones to decide.
It’s possible to mention a wide range of difficulties, Braun said. But, as far as what they’re going to be, I’m going to suggest that they aren’t going to be all going to make you happy in a particular state but that we’re better off letting forms express their points of view rather than homogenizing it throughout the nation, as Roe v. Wade did.”

“Initially limiting” Braun’s contention that the Supreme Court had seized states’ powers in 1973 with Roe v. Wade, the Times of Northwest Indiana reports. However, he maintained his position when asked about other decisions, such as the Loving v. Virginia case.
Braun afterward issued a statement indicating that he had “misunderstood” the questions asked.
“I misread a line of inquiry earlier at a virtual news conference that turned out to be about interracial marriage. To be quite clear, the Constitution forbids all forms of discrimination based on race. So the issue of racism isn’t even up for question, and I firmly oppose it at every level, from the state to the person. It was Braun’s opinion.
In a short interview on Wednesday, Braun told CNN that he doesn’t think states should decide on interracial marriage.
That’s not the case, Braun said. Even though one may be forgivable, he exposed his true identity. We learn a lot about him through his reaction. When a racist is apprehended, they immediately attempt to paint themselves as victims of their own ignorance since it would be so handy.


Mike Braun clarifies his assertion that states should decide the legality of interracial marriage.

Did you know that three Russian billionaires have resigned from the board of directors of LetterOne, a $22 billion investment corporation, after the company barred two Russian oligarchs from participating due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Three Russian billionaires have resigned from the board of directors of a $22-billion investment company during their country’s escalating invasion of Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

This follows LetterOne’s decision last week to freeze out Mikhail Fridman and Petr Aven, who are subject to Western-imposed sanctions, by barring access to their premises and prohibiting them from communicating with workers. German Khan, Alexei Kuzmichev, and Andrei Kosogov — none of whom are sanctioned – all resigned from their jobs at the business on Monday. “While none of these three people have been sanctioned, they think that taking this action is in the long-term best interests of LetterOne, its workers, and the many jobs supported by its portfolio firms,” the company stated in a statement to Insider. Khan, 60, a cofounder of LetterOne and a partner in Alpha Group, said in a statement that he backed the board’s decisions and urged an end to the fight. “The bulk of LetterOne’s founders have strong roots in Ukraine, and the devastation of the places where I spent my youth and which are now home to our forefathers’ graves is sad,” added Khan, who has a net worth of almost $6.9 billion, according to Bloomberg. Kuzmichev, 59, is a cofounder of Alfa-Bank, Russia’s largest private bank, and has an estimated net worth of around $5.2 billion, according to Bloomberg. Kosogov, 60, is a member of the Alpha Group’s board of directors and is worth $1.2 billion, according to Forbes.

Additionally, LetterOne said in Monday’s statement that Fridman and Aven, who stepped down from the company’s board of directors last Wednesday, had their shares “frozen permanently” and are no longer eligible to receive dividends or other financial funds from LetterOne. Mervyn Davies, the former chairman now CEO of LetterOne, told the Financial Times that they were shut out of offices, denied access to records, and prohibited from communicating with staff. LetterOne gives $150 million to aid those devastated by Ukraine’s conflict, and shareholders have decided that all dividends would go toward relief efforts, according to a corporate statement.

3 Russian billionaires resigned from the board of the $22 billion investment firm LetterOne after it locked out 2 Russian oligarchs over the invasion of Ukraine.

Are you familiar with NATO’s Article 5 and its application to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

US authorities have made it plain that American soldiers would avoid confrontation with Russian forces, and NATO countries have resisted requests to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, saying that it might result in a “full-fledged war in Europe.”

Photo by Katie Godowski on

If Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine crossed into a NATO member state, the situation could quickly deteriorate, triggering a response following NATO’s Article 5 policy. What is Article 5, and how does it pertain to Ukraine’s continuing conflict? What you need to know is as follows: What is the purpose of Article 5? Article 5 states that an assault on one NATO member constitutes an attack on all NATO members. The idea serves as a deterrent to prospective enemies targeting NATO countries.

Given that the US is NATO’s most prominent and most powerful member, every state inside the alliance is essentially protected by the US. Article 5: How does Russia’s aggression on Ukraine apply? Because Ukraine is not a NATO member, the US is not obligated to defend it in the same manner that it would if a NATO member nation were attacked. However, many of Ukraine’s neighbors are NATO members, and if a Russian invasion extends into one of them, Article 5 may spark direct US and NATO member intervention. What is the definition of an attack against a NATO member state? Article 5 wording stipulates that collective action is triggered by an “armed assault” against a member country. NATO members choose what constitutes an “armed assault,” and Russia’s hostile stance has already raised concerns about the country’s propensity to provoke a NATO reaction. Senator Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, recently warned The Washington Post that a Russian assault on Ukraine might have ramifications that extend beyond the intended “geographical limits” and threaten NATO nations. While local officials have said that “no change in radiation levels” has occurred in the region, what if there had been a radioactive leak that spread to a NATO member nation? “That is a decision for the alliance to make,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby previously told CNN.


Here’s what NATO’s Article 5 is and how it applies to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
CNN – Breaking News, Latest News and Videos.

Did you know that blood pressure medications may help to prolong the life of patients with pancreatic cancer?

7 March 2022 – New study reveals that everyday blood pressure drugs may extend the lives of individuals with pancreatic cancer, a notoriously difficult-to-treat illness with dismal survival rates.

Note: A diagnosis of high blood pressure must be confirmed with a medical professional. A doctor should also evaluate any unusually low blood pressure readings.

These medications, referred to as angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers, work by relaxing veins and arteries and enabling the heart to pump blood more freely. These drugs have been found in animal studies to reduce the development of pancreatic cancer. Numerous tiny human investigations imply the same phenomenon, but the sample sizes were insufficient to make firm conclusions. The new study analyzed data on 3.7 million persons in Italy and discovered 8,158 cases of pancreatic cancer reported between 2003 and 2011. The research, published in the journal BMC Cancer last month, discovered that most of these individuals died within about six months after diagnosis. Patients who received ARBs after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer had a 20% decreased risk of death compared to identify patients who did not get ARBs. ARB users showed a 28% decreased risk of death in a smaller cohort of individuals who had cancer surgery. Patients with pancreatic cancer who used ACE inhibitors had a 13% decreased risk of death during the first three years after diagnosis, but this effect diminished with time. “ARBs and ACE inhibitors should still be considered experimental therapies for pancreatic cancer,” research investigator Scott Keith, Ph.D. of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, warns. Timothy Pawlik, MD, Ph.D., also warns against drawing definitive conclusions from this research. “While the statistics are intriguing, they are not definitive,” adds Pawlik of Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. “Because the research is retrospective, it is prone to selection and treatment bias. Additionally, the data were taken from an administrative health care database, which is known for its lack of detailed clinical information “he emphasizes. Additionally, Pawlik emphasizes that research on the effects of blood pressure drugs on cancer risk and outcome is inconsistent. Numerous prior research shows that ACE inhibitors and ARBs may protect against some types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer, while other data reveal a probable relationship between ACE inhibitors and an increased risk of certain types of cancer, such as lung cancer.

Blood Pressure Meds May Prolong Life in Pancreatic.
Diabetes Report Card 2019 | CDC.

Was Pence’s veiled jab at Trump when he said the GOP will not tolerate “apologists for Putin”?

As Vice President Mike Pence watches, President Trump, delivered a speech at the White House Rose Garden on April 27, 2020.

President Donald Trump speaks as Vice President Mike Pence looks on during a news conference on April 27, 2020, in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Mike Pence, the former vice president of the United States, stated Friday night that there is no place in the Republican Party for “apologists for Putin.” Pence spoke to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in an address to Republican fundraisers in New Orleans. Despite the sanctions imposed by the United States and the rest of the world, Vice President Mike Pence said it was time for conservatives not to back Vladimir Putin. What state would our Eastern European allies be now if they were not a part of NATO? “If NATO had not enlarged the bounds of freedom, where would Russia’s tanks be today?” he asked. A Putin apologist will not be welcome at this party. However, despite Pence’s lack of reference to Trump, he has been one of the most outspoken Republican voices favoring Vladimir Putin. Despite Trump’s insistence that the assault on Ukraine would never have occurred under his watch, Putin has been praised as “clever,” “intelligent,” and “a genius.” While Putin is brilliant, Trump remarked last week, “the issue is not that Putin is smart — because of course he is smart — but rather that our politicians are foolish.” Dumb. “It is ridiculous,” he said. Barr claims that Trump was responsible in the broad sense for the disturbance on January 6, 2017.
Pence’s remarks come at a time when violence continues in Ukraine. On Saturday, after halting evacuation attempts in Mariupol due to continuous Russian bombardment, Putin again lambasted the wide-ranging sanctions slapped against Russia by the global community. If Ukrainian and global leaders continue to fight back against the invasion, it will jeopardize “the survival of Ukrainian sovereignty,” he added of the sanctions. According to UN agencies, three hundred and thirty-one civilians have been killed in clashes between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian separatists. Researchers, however, advise that the actual death toll is likely far higher due to the difficulty and risk of counting the dead in battle. In the wake of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Republicans like former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have characterized the Russian president as a competent statesman who has “a lot of talents” to offer. In the wake of Lindsey O. Graham’s (R-S.C.) assertion that the “only option” to settle the conflict in Ukraine is for Putin’s assassination, politicians on both sides of the aisle lashed out at the Republican senator. While there is much unrest in the world right now, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed Graham’s statements show a “hysterical, acute pressure of a Russian eruption.” The White House likewise rejected Graham’s assassination call.

“That is not the perspective of the United States government and not a statement you would hear from the lips of anyone working in this administration,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Friday during a daily briefing. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Texas, and Sen. Ted Cruz called Graham’s remarks “reckless” (Ga.).

Volodymyr Nezhenets, a 54-year-old volunteer warrior, was killed in a gun battle in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on February 27. It was decided that his wishes would bury him. Fox News personality Tucker Carlson has similarly shifted his tone toward Putin after first downplaying the crisis and asked Americans why they despised him. The conservative pivot on Russia has also come from Fox News. Although Pence made a veiled reference to Trump in his Friday address, the vice president echoed the former president and blamed the Biden administration’s handling of the Ukraine conflict on the Trump administration. Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 was “no accident,” Vice President Mike Pence stated. “Weakness arouses evil, and the enormity of evil pouring over Ukraine speaks volumes about this president,” he says. President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine was lauded for his bravery, and Zelensky said that Putin “only knows strength.” Additionally, Vice President Pence called on Republicans to support humanitarian and refugee help initiatives.

If Trump had won reelection, Bolton claims Trump would have withdrawn the United States from the NATO alliance. When asked about future elections, Vice President Pence said Republicans needed to move on from their defeat in the 2020 presidential race. During the tallying of the electoral college ballots by Congress, Trump continued to erroneously imply that Vice President Pence had the right to reverse the 2020 election. The “Hang Mike Pence!” scream that arose among the pro-Trump crowd during the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, fueled such bogus accusations. This election will be won if the Republican Party stands unified behind a vision of the future based on its most dear principles. “We can’t win by re-fighting the past or re-opening old wounds.”


Pence says there’s no room in the GOP for ‘apologists for Putin’ in veiled swipe at Trump.