Andrew Johnson, 17th President of the United States, 17th cousin 4x removed

Andrew Johnson the 17th president of the United States is my 17th cousin 4x removed. The ancestor who connects us as relatives is, John FitzGeoffrey (1215 – 1230), my 20th great grandfather.

Andrew Johnson was basically the 17th president of the United States, serving from 1865 to 1869. Johnson assumed the presidentship as he was vice president of the United States at the time of the murder of Abraham Lincoln.

My genealogical chart show that ancestor who connect us as relatives:

Andrew JOHNSON , 17th President of the United States (1808 – 1875)
17th cousin 4x removed

Jacob JOHNSON (1778 – 1812)
Father of Andrew JOHNSON , 17th President of the United States

Andrew William JOHNSTON (1752 – 1795)
Father of Jacob JOHNSON

Arthur JOHNSTON (1688 – 1759)
Father of Andrew William JOHNSTON

Edward JOHNSTON (1629 – 1704)
Father of Arthur JOHNSTON

Arthur JOHNSTON (1587 – 1641)
Father of Edward JOHNSTON

George JOHNSTON , Sir (1544 – 1593)
Father of Arthur JOHNSTON

William JOHNSTON (1520 – 1547)
Father of George JOHNSTON , Sir

James JOHNSTON (1481 – 1548)
Father of William JOHNSTON

Margaret MELDRUM (1460 – )
Mother of James JOHNSTON

Margaret FORBES (1428 – )
Mother of Margaret MELDRUM

Elizabeth DOUGLAS (1402 – 1451)
Mother of Margaret FORBES

Mary d’ECOSSE , Princesse d’Ecosse (1380 – 1458)
Mother of Elizabeth DOUGLAS

Robert III d’ECOSSE , Roi d’Ecosse (1337 – 1406)
Father of Mary d’ECOSSE , Princesse d’Ecosse

Robert II STEWART d’ECOSSE , Roi d’Ecosse (1316 – 1390)
Father of Robert III d’ECOSSE , Roi d’Ecosse

Walter STEWART (1292 – 1326)
Father of Robert II STEWART d’ECOSSE , Roi d’Ecosse

Gille de BURGH
Father of Walter STEWART

Aveline FitzJohn de MANDEVILLE ( – 1274)
Mother of Gille de BURGH

John FitzGeoffrey (1215 – 1230)
Father of Aveline FitzJohn de MANDEVILLE


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FBI has seen significant rise in white supremacist domestic terrorism

The FBI has seen an important increase in the amount of white supremacist domestic terrorism cases in the United States in recent months.

The state said the FBI happens to be grappling with all the rise of domestic threats while international terror threats have remained constant because of the fall associated with the caliphate, ISIS in Syria.

The domestic terror cases generally consists of suspects involved in violence pertaining to anti-government views, racial or religious prejudice and bias, environmental extremism in America and abortion-related views.

The FBI would not provide specific numbers to quantify the increase of into the quantity of white supremacist domestic terrorism cases in this country. Domestic terrorism cases pose thornier complaints when it comes to FBI because of First Amendment protections. The united states doesn’t have a domestic terrorism law with no government agency designates domestic groups as being terrorist organizations. However, many cases the FBI calls domestic terror-related end up with a number of charges for violations of laws linked to guns.

There were about 150 arrests, in 2017, on charges the FBI classifies as domestic terror in the United States, and about 120, in 2018, which the officials said that the FBI is on course to fit or exceed those numbers this fiscal year.

FBI has seen significant rise in white supremacist ….

Why did Fox News stands by Laura Ingraham after she defends white supremacist?

Fox News on Friday afternoon standing by Laura Ingraham after this lady defended a white supremacist plus many other fringe individuals who have been prohibited or disciplined by huge social news agencies.

Ingraham’s defense regarding the extremists on her prime time Fox showcase “The Ingraham Angle” came during the course of a segment on Thursday regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s negative feedback of facebook or twitter for not getting rid of a video clip doctored to make it looks as if she was intoxicated and slurring her statement.

Ingraham stated calls for Facebook to get rid of the video clip happened to be a “pretext or be in a position to suppress voices.”

Subsequently, throughout the segment, Ingraham exhibited revealing visual photos regarding individuals she classified as well known voices censored on social mass media.


Fox News silent after Laura Ingraham defends white ….

New advice on daily aspirin

IMore than 50 percent of all older people between the ages of 45 as well as 75 reports using an aspirin every day, based on to a 2015 research released in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Moreover, for years physicians have suggested an aspirin a day for otherwise healthy elder adults to help maintain cardiovascular attacks at bay.

The studies that established aspirin for ultimate protection were done way earlier we had high-potent medicines to help in reducing cholesterol levels, like statins. Now, more recent research reveals that the dangers for more and more individuals probably surpass the advantages. A research financed by the National Institutes of Health of more than 19,000 individuals over the years 70, released last year in The New England Journal of Medicine, discovered that a day-to-day aspirin did not minimize the danger of cardiovascular attack, Alzheimer’s problem or stroke however did enhance rates of GI hemorrhaging by an astonishing 38 percentage. Moreover, previously this month, the American College of Cardiology posted new recommendations suggesting against regularly serving aspirin to elderly adults who do not have a background of cardiovascular illness.

However, there are still many individuals who need to take an aspirin each day.

Do take a regular aspirin when you have currently experienced a heart attack or stroke or have a current cardiovascular condition. In these individuals, there is clear proof that it dramatically reduces the danger of a second cardiovascular event. This is because aspirin is an antiplatelet medication, which means that it reduces the platelets from clumping collectively and developing blood clots that could cause a heart attack or stroke. One additionally needs aspirin if one currently has a heart issue. A person might not have been put in the hospital for a heart operation, for instance, however, if you have experienced a coronary calcium scan and there is a plaque in the arteries, then a person is regarded as to having heart disease in these instances.

Do not take a daily aspirin if you are over 70 and do not have heart shape (including a previous heart attack or even stroke). Individuals in this cluster have a much greater danger of GI bleeding than younger people. The 2017 study released in The Lancet discovered the danger of perhaps life-threatening GI bleeding was highest in those more than age 75.

Also important: do not stop taking a regular aspirin cold turkey. It could create a reaction impact that could cause a heart attack, particularly if you have already experienced one before. A 2017 Swedish study, published in the journal Circulation, discover that suddenly stopping a regular dose of aspirin elevated the danger of a heart attack or stroke by thirty-seven percentage.

New Guidelines on Daily Aspirin for Heart Health.

Census question, it is fair to ask?

In a plot twist deserving of a crime novel, the New York Times revealed on Thursday that the hard drives of a lifeless governmental strategist show that the Trump administration’s conclusion to include a legal status query to the 2020 census was a component of a so-called plot to assist choose white Republicans.

The strategist, Thomas Hofeller, was a Republican identified as “the Michelangelo of gerrymandering” concerning his work in producing partisan areas which gained the GOP. Data on hard drives found by his daughter immediately after his passing displayed that he composed a 2015 research that discovered that including a legal status query to the census might contribute to even more Republican-friendly congressional mapping.

Records on the drives also revealed that he composed the crucial part concerning a blueprint letter that the Department of Justice utilized to keep, questionably, that the legal status query was required to help impose the Voting Rights Act. The Times mentioned that the disclosures express the the majority explicit proof to date that the Trump administration included the query to the 2020 census to progress Republican Party pursuits.

These discoveries will certainly not shock anybody who has accompanied continuous lawful wrangling over legal status as well as the census. On this particular problem — which will impact the daily everyday lives of countless of Americans for years– the Trump administration has regularly behaved in poor faith and with neglect for the honesty of the census reporting .


Deceased G.O.P. Strategist’s Hard Drives Reveal New ….

Jew of Color under counted in census

What demographic selection of the American Jewish community has more members: Jews of color or even the Orthodox?

Jews of color are actually round the same size — 12-15% of American Jews, or about 1 million people — according to new research published last week. The research focused on fixing the prevalent false impression that American Jews are almost entirely white-skinned.

The analysis demonstrates so just how mediocre a task most demographers of American Jews have done in researching non-white Jews, tossing something of a wrench into the field of Jewish population research studies while the corporations that mentor them. Its generating estimation of how many American Jews of color have far-reaching effects for Jewish organizations organizing their funding, their programming, and just how they educate Jewish leaders.

Until this study, estimates for the number of Jews of color when you look at the U.S. varied widely. By the Pew Research Center’s 2013 “Portrait of American Jews,” 7% of Jews described themselves as black, Hispanic or of an unusual racial background. Be’ chol Lashon, a group that promotes racial and ethnic diversity in Judaism, place the number at a fifth regarding the broader population in 2002. Researcher defined “racially and ethnically diverse” Jews as to any or all Jews not of Western or Eastern European heritage, including Sephardic and Mazrahi Jews with roots in Southern Europe, North Africa or even the Middle East.

The new report — funded with a $35,000 grant from the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation — lays out how others try to measure Jews of color both nationally and also by the town were flawed. Its double-entendre would title “Counting Inconsistencies.” You can browse the executive summary here.

Some surveys, like Boston’s 2015 community study, did not ask about race after all. Others (e.g., Philadelphia 2009, Seattle 2014) found their sampling population by contacting people with Jewish-sounding names — something a Jew of color may not have — or limited respondents to people already from the donor and membership lists of established synagogues and Jewish community centers.

Even though they did inquire about race, the surveys did so in ways that suggest they did not have current definitions by what constituted a racial identity, an ethnic identity or only a category of Jewish heritage. For example, some surveys asked about “ethnicity,” while others asked about “Jewish ethnicity.” For a concern about personal identity, Miami’s 2015 study limited respondents to “a) Sephardic Jew, b) A Hispanic Jew or c) What country can be your family from?”

“Ultimately the takeaway regarding the report is the fact that we have been asking these questions very poorly and extremely inconsistently,” said Ari Kelman, a professor of religion at Stanford University, therefore, the study’s lead author. There is way more consistency, Kelman noted, in questions regarding denominational identity: Are you Conservative? Will you be Orthodox?

The first intention regarding the report, Kelman said, would be to take data from 25 Jewish population studies and produce a complete database of demographic information about Jews of color. However, considering that the studies were so inconsistent, their results could never be combined into a single source of information.

“When we set about analyzing that Ilana [Kaufman] wished to do, it became clear that it was impossible,” Kelman said.

The resulting numbers that came out of this study, then, are a rough approximation — not the gold standard for accurate demographic studies. However, Kelman stands by the report’s full results, such as that roughly one out of five Jewish homes has a non-white or multiracial member, and that the proportion of non-white Jews will continue to increase into the 21st century.

For many people who work in organizations that support Jews of color, this type of study was long overdue.

“Most, or even all, of these surveys that float around, they’re by people who aren’t us, and don’t necessarily have the lenses, the set of skills that some people have as Jewish diversity professionals to see in the middle the lines,” said Jared Jackson, the executive director of Jews in most Hues, a non-for-profit in Philadelphia that promotes diversity consciousness within the Jewish world.

Jackson noted this one particularly favorable outcome using this report could be so it would lend credence to calls from Jews of color for racial sensitivity and training as synagogues around the country beef up their security. Synagogue members and security personnel have profiled many Jews of color — Jackson said he hopes that, if people understand that 1 million Jews are not white, they might be less likely to want to pull aside a non-white person in the shul lobby on Shabbat.

The report also shows that, into the 21st century, the American Jewish community should come closer to mirroring the racial and ethnic diversity of the country at large, Kaufman said.

That is a lovely thing that our community has all of this diversity, and certainly will continue steadily to grow.

Prepared, in this case, Kaufman said, means updating curricula in Jewish schools and seminaries, increasing diversity training at synagogues and directing funding to programs that help Jews of color feel visible and respected in the broader Jewish community — something which is certainly not always a given.

Diane Tobin, the founder, and director of Be’ chol Lashon said that she welcomed the report, but added that readers should keep in your mind “the caveat that race is a social construct with ever-shifting boundaries.” Even 70 years back, she noted, white-skinned Jews were not yet considered white.

Counting Jews remains a complex and contentious issue, not only for Jews of color however for all Jews.

There is still much to be discovered about American Jews of color. How many have been profiled in a Jewish setting? Exactly how many have moved away from Jewish observance, and how many towards it? How many will say they “pass” as white? What several Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews consider themselves white, and just how many usually do not? Do they believe about Israel differently than white-skinned Jews? How many identify as “culturally” Jewish, and just how many have a belief in God?

Jews likewise require to focus on something Jews of color have now been saying for a long time: that their racial and ethnic identities are not any less important to them than their Jewish identities, and really should be treated as a result. She acknowledged that that might be an arduous pill to swallow for many white Jews since many were raised being defined solely by their religion.

Jews used to be isolated, and then we have successfully incorporated into a free of charge market society of choice around identity.

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Jews Of Color Have Been Consistently –

The University Of Kansas Health System – Sports Medicine ….

Spiritual benefits of meditation

Meditation is mainly for the searcher of real information. There is an entire science behind it, predicated on teachings from thousands of years ago. The spiritual benefits are way too numerous to list and rely on the sincerity, orientation, and persistence for the spiritual searcher.

If done correctly, meditation energizes your awareness, bringing peace and wisdom, expanding your ability to love unconditionally, and prepares the soul for deep spiritual communion with God, the main one without a Second.

Many siddhas (psychic or spiritual powers) are natural fringe advantages of meditation.

Dhyana may be the Sanskrit word for meditation. Nonetheless, it has a narrower meaning. Dhyana is when the concentration is concentrated about the same point.

Benefits of Meditation | Swami Kenananda.

Meditation replenishes the body

For many thousands of years in ancient India, folks have been taking advantage of the practice of meditation. The main aim of meditation is spiritual awakening within and enlightenment. However, the consistent practice of meditation brings and have many benefits on many levels, such as the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

People who meditate realize that they usually have dramatic increases in awareness of one’s body, calm energy, and general well-being. Scientific technology has been used to validate and prove that the numerous advantages of meditation by measuring alterations in brain wave activity, as well as physical health benefits with time. Over 500 scientific tests conducted at 200 independent universities and institutions in 35 countries and published in over 100 leading scientific journals regarding the substantial great things about meditation.

Meditation replenishes mental and emotional energy, but additionally, there are some direct effects in the physical brain and nervous system. For instance, recent scientific studies have discovered that meditation escalates the pre-frontal cortex of your brain, that area of the brain responsible for positive feelings and emotions. People who meditate regularly also show improved and increase their capacity for learning and retaining information – a bonus for the college student!

Benefits of Meditation | Swami Kenananda.

How Does Meditation Help Relieve Stress?

Meditation is an ancient technique that brings together the human body and mind to assist a person deal with stress in a balanced manner. It can so by cutting your blood pressure levels, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and depression that are all activators for stress.

Moreover, most of all, it brings inner peace with just a few moments of practice every day. Studies inform that meditating every day triggers the mind to improve its neural pathways while making them more resilient to stress.

Meditation takes one to a relaxing state of mind and calms a person deeply. It soothes your nerves and acts as a balm to your tensed and frenzied being.

Whenever a person meditates, a person focuses your attention on a word, a phrase, or your breathing. This induces relaxation and a sense of balance setsn. This feeling of balance increases our self-awareness and creates space in your head to organize your priorities.

The best part about meditation is the fact that the effect carries over if a person practices being mindful about it. The calmness obtained from meditation can help a person during the day in a stress-free manner.

Also, meditation can help a person gain a fresh perspective and develop skills to manage stress better. It imbibes qualities inside a person like increased self-awareness, centering on the current, decreasing negative inner thoughts, increased patience, and tolerance, which all help to reduce stress.

Meditation – A Perfect Solution For Stress Relief.

People need access to all options in HIV testing

Usage of HIV testing is a fundamental human right that may only be met with an international commitment to eliminate the obstacles that reduce the risk of people from testing for HIV. Those hindrances consist of reducing HIV-related preconception and discrimination, making sure privacy in HIV testing and treatment services and implementing an optimum mixture of HIV testing techniques to attain the populations most in need, amongst others.

However, in most regions, more recent testing technologies are nevertheless not widely available. Among countries that documented all about available HIV testing modalities to UNAIDS in 2018, just 32 countries permitted lay providers to execute HIV testing, 14 offered HIV self-testing, and 18 offered home-based HIV testing. Helped partner notification was more common, with 54 out of 140 reporting countries reporting that taught service providers can be provided to assist newly identified people in revealing their HIV status to partners.

HIV testing: people need access to all options | EATG.