The Types of Depression

Depression will take many forms. Seasonal affective disorder, clinical depression, and bipolar depression, and postpartum depression are commonly diagnosed types of depression. Conditions that can include substance abuse or maybe an eating disorder could be confused with depression and can render any depression rather an effort to diagnose. Other conditions can worsen a case of... Continue Reading →

Do you believe Evidence Mounts That Mindfulness Breeds Resilience?

The advantages of mindfulness are both well-established and wide-ranging. Studies on subjects covering from college students to Marines have discovered this strategy reduces stress and result in increased levels of well-being. The Mindful Mondays series provides ongoing coverage of the exploding field of mindfulness research. But why should you, exactly, will be the capability to... Continue Reading →

To handle Stress, Teachers Would need to Prioritize Themselves. Get started with Self-Care.

I always thought I was an organized, well compiled, "work smarter, not harder" the person who took things in stride, was optimistic and calm in stressful situations. Until this past May. Having been teaching a very challenging group of students, many people were battling social-emotional and mental health issues. Finally, it was like navigating rocky... Continue Reading →

Meditation help You in Leadership

One thing that stands in terms of many leaders' success — and then the success of their companies — might be their ego. Leadership expert Jim Collins obtainable from his seminal study of what makes companies sustainably great within this case most of a given comparison case, the newcomer was "the presence of a gargantuan... Continue Reading →

Why Meditation Will enable you to become a Better Leader

Leaders of big teams or within busy companies often juggle competing priorities, frequently without clear-cut solutions. For instance, how should a pacesetter react should a key employee quits in the center of something launch? While meditating won't offer the immediate answer, it'll help a leader manage challenges with more authenticity."[Mindful leadership means] our stress doesn't... Continue Reading →

Even with early treatment, HIV still attacks young brains, study says

Many children living with HIV today are in sub-Saharan Africa. While early antiretroviral therapy, or ART, has ensured less deadly outcomes for little ones managing and subject to HIV, studies show the HIV most likely will prohibit the brain. HIV may disrupt neurodevelopment, affecting how children learn, reason operates.  To get some inspiration Michael Boivin,... Continue Reading →

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