Could this be a secure method for the Trump administration to end HIV/AIDS?

The Trump administration announced last week a brand new program that will provide HIV prevention medications without charge for uninsured patient

Stress Management: What Is It, And How To Apply it?

Despite all the conveniences available to us within this technologically advanced age, stress is still part of the overall scheme in our lives. Luckily, stress management provides relaxation and release from these issues, which will affect our physical, mental, and emotional health. Photo by Artem Beliaikin on What exactly is Stress reduction? Stress management … Continue reading Stress Management: What Is It, And How To Apply it?

Meditation Approaches

There are a great number of meditation techniques that you'll be able to try to individuals who are skeptic about this should simply keep an open mind. For those who are actually interested, you should do some research to see which is the top to fit your needs. To help you along the way, here … Continue reading Meditation Approaches

Herbs That Assist With Nervousness

Anxiety attacks are the most common of all mental health disorders. Fortunately, depression is highly treatable, with professional help, it can often be overcome entirely. Over and over, successful treatment depends only upon a group of one-on-one therapy and learned relaxation techniques. Many times, however, anti-anxiety prescription medication is also recommended. Medications can hold a … Continue reading Herbs That Assist With Nervousness

Why would someone Relax?

Experts have concluded cardio disease is directly connected to anger and. A lot of it's possible also that stress can result in or cause a heart attack. Relaxation takes on extra meaning in light of this matter. Maintaining anger and attitude is pivotal to heart health, and relaxation will help you manage stress. We'll examine … Continue reading Why would someone Relax?

Body scan or progressive relaxation

Progressive relaxation, also known as body scan meditation, is meditation that encourages individuals to scan their bodies for areas of tension.

Loving-kindness meditation

Loving-kindness meditation is also known as Metta meditation. Its goal is to cultivate an attitude of love and kindness toward everything, even a person's enemies and resources of stress. Photo by Lucas Pezeta on While breathing deeply, practitioners open their minds to receiving loving kindness. They then send messages of loving kindness worldwide, to … Continue reading Loving-kindness meditation

Did you know taking aspirin three times a week may cut the risk of dying of cancer by fighting inflammation, study suggests?

Using aspirin 3 times a week or more may give cancer sufferers a much better shot at surviving the condition, a brand new study recommends. A national Institutes of wellness (NIH) research that followed over 140,000 Americans unearthed that those who stuck to an aspirin regimen had been at lower dangers of developing prostate, … Continue reading Did you know taking aspirin three times a week may cut the risk of dying of cancer by fighting inflammation, study suggests?

HIV’s Ties to Age-Related Illnesses

A brand new medical literature review has identified a roster of aging-related medical conditions linked to HIV. The researchers reviewed 20 studies that covered HIV’s potential link to 55 health outcomes. They found that four aging-related outcomes had a statistically significant association with HIV, in other words connection is not likely to have been driven by chance. Some of these are shortness of breath, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, a chronic inflammatory lung disease that obstructs airflow towards the lungs), anemia and bone fractures. Two … Continue reading HIV’s Ties to Age-Related Illnesses

Do you think protein bars are good for you? Reconsider

Chocolate is the leading ingredient in almost 40 percent of protein bars, with most as well being loaded with excess weight and containing added sugar and salt, according to a new report by Safefood. The research also noted that 37 per cents of persons believed protein bars were “healthy” with in Ipsos MRBI survey … Continue reading Do you think protein bars are good for you? Reconsider