Did you know that climate change exposes children to lifelong health harm: Doctors?

A child born today will face multiple and lifelong dangers to their health from global climatic change as being raised within the warmer world risks food shortages, infectious diseases, floods and extreme heat, a major global study has found. climate change Global climatic change can now harming people's health by increasing the volume of heat... Continue Reading →

Cold offices may have a chilling impact on women

Office temperatures derive from the metabolic rates of men, which is why many women say they should bring sweaters and scarves to the office to help keep warm inside. Now, new research finds that those ice-cold office temperatures could have a tremendously real and extremely chilling impact on women: lower productivity and cognitive performance. The... Continue Reading →

DNA diet could help you fit into your jeans

Many people have this basic understanding of genetics: You inherit genes from your parents, and their DNA combines to create your specific genetic makeup. This will include more obvious traits such as for instance eye color and height but also more complicated traits which could involve multiple genes, such as threat of diseases including diabetes,... Continue Reading →

Does air pollution effects: Global Warming?

Global warming can be defined as an increase in the normal temperature of the planet due to air-borne pollutants, which accumulate sunlight and radiation and produce the greenhouse end product. This particular air pollution layer prevents the reflection of sunlight rays by Earth’s surface towards space, which raise the temperature in our planet among a... Continue Reading →

Toxic Air may shorten children’s lifespans

Air pollution is presently shortening life-span by an average of twenty months around the world. This problem means that children born today will live twenty months less than they would definitely on a planet with no contaminated air. The State of Global Air is a yearly report developed by the Health Effects Institute and the... Continue Reading →

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