Did you know that High-protein diets may drive down testosterone levels in men, researchers say?

According to recent research, high-protein diets may decrease testosterone levels in males.

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The study, conducted by nutritionist Joe Whittaker and published in the Journal of Nutrition and Health, examined the testosterone levels of 309 males over eight weeks. Their testosterone levels had reduced by 37% after the trial. According to Whittaker, a nutritional therapy researcher at the University of Worcester in the United Kingdom, participants had symptoms consistent with low testosterone levels, including erectile dysfunction, exhaustion, sadness, and muscular weakness. According to Whittaker, the results indicate that consuming 35 percent of a man’s total calorie intake as protein—double the norm for males, according to certified dietitian Erin Coleman via SF Gate—can decrease testosterone levels. According to his studies, he thinks that consuming less than 35% protein might still result in reduced testosterone. Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietitian, told Insider that while she agrees that too much protein can result in decreased testosterone in men, she believes this would not apply to most people and would only affect those who consume an excessive amount of protein in an attempt to build muscle. One disadvantage of the research is that it followed patients for eight weeks and did not account for other lifestyle variables that may affect testosterone levels. Taub-Dix said that guys who consume a high-protein diet to fuel their gains may make muscle growth more difficult since low testosterone levels might impede a man’s bulking process. Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for muscular building, according to Healthline. Chronic diseases may be exacerbated by low testosterone levels. Whittaker noted that while the study’s subjects experienced numerous short-term side effects of low testosterone levels, he cited research indicating that long-term low testosterone levels can result in risks and conditions such as infertility and an increased risk of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Healthy testosterone levels are often related to robust bone density, the capacity to grow muscle and strength, mood and cognitive function management, and sexual desire in males, according to Kevin Codorniz, MD, head of endocrinology at Loma Linda University Health.


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