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What role did Kansas, Missouri, and prairie dogs play in the first outbreak of monkeypox in the United States?

The symptoms of monkeypox are comparable to but less severe than those of smallpox.

he first outbreak of monkeypox in the United States in 2003 hit the Midwest and was caused by prairie dogs sold as pets that caught the virus from infected animals from Africa. The outbreak included three cases in Kansas and Missouri. CHARLIE RIEDEL Associated Press file
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Contrary to the name, rodents, not monkeys, are the primary transmission vector. The initial outbreak in the United States hit six states in the Midwest, including Kansas and Missouri. The last occurrences have been connected to foreign travel and African animal imports. In 1958, monkeypox was first detected in a Danish laboratory.

In 1970, a youngster in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was diagnosed with the first human case. In 2003, there were 70 documented cases of monkeypox in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Contact with sores and rashes caused by the infection spreads monkeypox. It is also transmissible by large respiratory droplets, though not nearly as quickly as COVID-19. In addition, in the 2003 outbreak, no one contracted the virus through person-to-person contact, unlike the current situation.

The CDC provided updated recommendations based on what physicians have observed in patients thus far. Monkeypox typically causes fever, swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches, and headaches. In addition, some individuals exhibited dispersed or localized lesions outside the face, hands, and feet.

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Did you know that the first human case of a highly contagious bird flu strain was detected in the US?

Early this week, an adult man under the age of 40 who was employed at a commercial poultry farm in Montrose County, Colorado, was found to be infected with the influenza A (H5) virus.

H10 flu viruses cause few signs of disease in birds and very rarely cause serious disease in humans

Jin Hua/VCG via Getty Images

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has tracked more than 2,500 individuals who have been exposed to birds infected with the H5N1 virus and has only discovered one case in Colorado. Farms throughout more than half of the nation have been devastated by the spread of avian flu viruses, which has resulted in the deaths of millions of egg-laying birds. There have been no reported incidences of H5 viruses transmitting from person to person at this time. Celine Dion provides an update on her health as she announces the cancellation of her tour for the second time.

Would like to know more on how cause of neurological COVID-19 symptoms are explored?

The Society for Neuroscience is the world’s biggest organization of scientists and doctors working on brain and nervous system health concerns. The virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, obtains entry into the brain and produces neurological symptoms. Fever, cough, fatigue, and loss of taste or smell are the most frequent respiratory symptoms of the virus. Dr. Kumar believes his results will aid in the development of future medications to prevent or cure the disease’s neurological symptoms. “We evaluated the expressions of NRP1 and furin in postmortem human brain tissue out of curiosity, and both of these molecules are abundant in all critical brain areas, including the olfactory and hippocampus,” the researchers said.

“The virus may enter the brain via the nose through the olfactory neurons, and their infection can also explain the loss of smell as a significant symptom in COVID-19.”


Cause of neurological COVID-19 symptoms explored.https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/cause-of-neurological-covid-19-symptoms-explored?fbclid=IwAR2Ex6U7jwErO0LDy7fY5V-ph7CPQFP_sPPD-2RsxlrR-zXaBqi9eANGhcQ

Approximately 150,000 new instances of delta each day

Currently, the United States is witnessing approximately 150,000 new instances of delta each day, with 100,000 hospitalizations. The efficacy of existing vaccinations has decreased due to delta’s dominance, although immunization provides adequate protection. Before introducing the delta vaccine, those who had had a complete vaccination were 16.6 times less likely to die from COVID-19 (confidence interval of 9.1 to 13.9). According to the scientists, the efficacy of the vaccination against infection decreased from 91 percent to 78 percent when delta was included in the equation. In addition, the efficacy seems to have decreased from 92 percent to 90 percent when it comes to preventing hospitalizations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters stands in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

According to the study’s findings, vaccines were about 87 percent efficient in preventing hospitalization compared to baseline vaccine efficacy. In addition, people between 18 and 64 were protected from hospitalization at an extraordinary 95 percent. However, just 80 percent of those 65 and older were protected. It is unclear whether the declines seen in the trials are related to the power of the delta variant itself or a gradual deterioration of protection after the first immunization shot.

Unvaccinated are 5X more likely to catch delta, 11X more . https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/09/unvaccinated-are-5x-more-likely-to-catch-delta-11x-more-likely-to-die/

Covid-19 delta variation

The Covid-19 delta variation, which was first identified in India, is currently spreading globally, becoming the dominant strain in certain nations, such as the United Kingdom, and is expected to do so in others, such as the United States. On Wednesday, the World Health Organization said that the variation has been identified in more than 80 countries and that it is continuing to change as it spreads. In the United States, the variation now accounts for 10% of all new cases, up from 6% last week.

The variation is much more transmissible than other variants, according to studies.
Scientists have cautioned that evidence indicates the delta version is approximately 60% more transmissible than the “Alpha” type and is more likely to result in hospitalizations, as observed in the United Kingdom. Officials from the World Health Organization stated on Wednesday that there had been reports that the delta variation produces more severe symptoms, but that additional study is required to validate those findings. Still, there are indications that the delta version may cause symptoms that are not the same as those we have been told to watch out for with Covid-19.

What should you be wary of? Fever, persistent cough, and loss of taste or smell are the primary symptoms of Covid-19, according to governments all around the globe, with some local changes and additions as we have learned more about the virus. For example, the CDC’s revised list of potential infection symptoms includes tiredness, muscular or body pain, headache, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea. Of course, millions of individuals have had Covid-19 without showing any symptoms, and scientists are currently looking into the amount of asymptomatic transmission.

Experts say the delta version seems to produce a distinct set of symptoms. The Zoe Covid Symptom research, led by Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, is an ongoing U.K.-based project that allows the public to input their Covid symptoms into an app, which then allows scientists to evaluate the data. “For this younger demographic, it is more like a terrible cold, and people do not understand it, and that has not come through in any of the official materials.” “We have been looking at the top symptoms of app users since the beginning of May, and they are not the same as they were,” he added. “Headache is the most frequent symptom, followed by a sore throat, a runny nose, and a fever.” “Common symptoms like coughing and loss of smell are more uncommon today,” he adds, noting that younger individuals are more likely to get a cold or have a “funny off the sensation.”

The discovery of the alpha variation, which was initially discovered in the United Kingdom, signaled the development of a broader range of symptoms. “Chills, loss of appetite, headache, and muscular pains, in addition to the “typical” symptoms, were discovered in a survey of nearly a million individuals in England conducted between June 2020 and January 2021 – and therefore during a period during which the alpha variant propagated and became dominant. The delta variation was categorized as “of concern” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week.

In a statement to NBC News, it stated, “Based on growing evidence that the delta variation spreads more readily and produces more severe infections when compared to other variants, including B.1.1.7,” it added. During an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former Food and Drug Administration commissioner, said the delta variation will likely become the prevalent strain in the United States and may “start a new pandemic going into the autumn.” Cases have risen among young individuals and the unvaccinated in the United Kingdom, where the delta variety is now responsible for most new infections, leading to an increase in hospitalizations in both groups. Because of the proliferation of these variations, the United Kingdom has decided to postpone further relaxation of the Covid-19 limits.

Covid-19 immunization efforts are anticipated to halt the spread of the delta form. Therefore, the race is on to safeguard those who have not been completely vaccinated. According to a study published on Monday by Public Health England, two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines are very efficient in preventing hospitalization in the delta form. The scenario in the United Kingdom demonstrates how fast the delta version may become dominant, and the United States is closely monitoring it. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the president’s top medical adviser, said last week that “we cannot allow that to happen in the United States,” as he urged more people to be vaccinated, particularly young adults. The most recent research on the virus’s spread in England offers little to assuage scientists’ fears.

The newest results from the REACT research, released on Thursday, cautioned that instances were increasing “exponentially” and that the “resurgence” of Covid-19 infections in England was “related to a higher prevalence of the Delta variant.” According to the research, approximately 1 in 670 individuals had the virus, a significant rise over the previous results, which showed that 1 in 1,000 people had the infection as of May 3. Experts note whom Imperial College London heads, the reproduction number in England is currently 1.44, which indicates that ten infected individuals would transmit the virus to 14 others on average, “resulting in a fast development of the pandemic.” Professor Paul Elliott, head of Imperial College’s School of Public Health’s REACT program, stated, “From late May to early June, we discovered clear evidence of an exponential increase in infections. These results support the Delta variation becoming prevalent, highlighting the significance of tracking infection rates and variants of concern in the population. According to the research, most illnesses occur in children and young adults, but they are also rising in older individuals.

While the connection between infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities has been decreasing since February, indicating that infections lead to fewer hospital admissions and deaths due to the immunization campaign, the hospitalization trend has been reversed since late April.


The fast-spreading delta Covid variant could have different symptoms, experts say.https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/17/covid-delta-variant-symptoms-spread-and-what-to-look-out-for.html

The effectiveness of vaccinations against new variants

The effectiveness of vaccinations against new variants would also dictate when, where, and how often additional shots are needed. According to Pfizer’s latest trial, the two-dose vaccine appears extremely successful for at least six months, and potentially longer. Additionally, six months after receiving the second requisite injection, those that received Moderna’s vaccine retained significant amounts of virus-fighting antibodies. Although the new COVID-19 vaccines are expected to last at least a year, they are unlikely to have lifetime immunity, like measles vaccinations do, according to Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, a vaccine specialist at the University of Maryland. Present vaccinations are targeted against a specific spike protein found in coronaviruses, according to Mehul Suthar of the Emory Vaccine Center. If the virus evolves sufficiently over time, vaccinations may need to be modified to maintain efficacy.The vaccinations tend to be protective against the prominent strains that have arisen, albeit somewhat less so against the one initially discovered in South Africa.


How long does protection from COVID-19 vaccines last?,https://www.woodtv.com/covid-19-vaccine/how-long-does-protection-from-covid-19-vaccines-last/

Zika has never triggered a significant human epidemic in Africa

Zika has never triggered a significant human epidemic in Africa, except in Cape Verde. Aedes aegypti spreads mainly through one species of mosquito that thrives in tropical climates around the world. Forest-dwelling types tend to feed on animals such as rodents or antelopes. On the other hand, the human-loving type likes to bite people and spends its life close to people, experts believe. The disparity in feed choice is possibly why the virus has not been such a significant problem in Africa. The research was published in Science on Thursday.
Study: African mosquitoes are more immune to infection than human-loving Latin American mosquitoes. Africa’s mosquitoes are less likely to pick up the virus from contaminated blood. According to the report, the pattern of infection is surprisingly well associated with the epidemiological pattern of infection. According to the author of the report, the results help clarify why there was a massive outbreak of the virus in Latin America. “It was almost too nice to do that. What do you think may be Africa’s success in preventing epidemics?

One Dangerous Mutation May Cause the Devastating Birth …. https://www.newsweek.com/one-dangerous-mutation-may-cause-devastating-birth-defect-tied-zika-673748
Why Does A Virus Cause Problems In One Region But Not Another? A Study Offers Insight. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/11/20/936649934/why-does-a-virus-cause-problems-in-one-region-but-not-another-a-study-offers-ins

Danish study finds that face masks provide only limited protection

Danish study finds that face masks provide only limited protection against SARS-CoV-19 infection. Researchers say findings should not be used to argue against widespread use to prevent people from infecting others. After one month, 1.8% of people wearing the masks had been infected, while 2.1% in a control group. Health experts have long said a mask provides only limited protection for the person wearing it but can dramatically reduce others’ risk.

Danish study finds face masks provide limited protection …. https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/reuters/danish-study-finds-face-masks-provide-moderate-to-no-protection-against-covid-19/46169826

Patients with Type O or B blood spent less time in ICU than those with Type A or AB

Study: Patients with Type O or B blood spent less time in ICU than those with Type A or AB. They were also less likely to require ventilation and to have kidney failure. Study looked at 95 critically ill COVID-19 patients at hospitals in Vancouver, Canada, between February and April. Researchers did not see any link between blood type and the length of each patient’s total hospital stay.  Both new studies came out Wednesday in the journal Blood Advances.     



It is possible to forget that COVID-19 is only a relatively young virus

It is possible to forget that COVID-19 is only a relatively young virus. And with that, experts are also struggling to find ways to handle it. Today, a recent report indicates that one possible cure for the virus may be found in your local pharmacy: traditional sleep aid melatonin.

The November study, which was published in the journal PLOS Biology, analyzed patient results from the Cleveland Clinic COVID-19 registry.1 Researcher found that melatonin use was related to an approximately 30% reduced risk of positive testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that triggers COVID-19, after age, race, smoking history, and comorbidity-adjusted scientists. The figures for people in some communities were also higher: Afro-Americans had a 52 percent reduced chance of positive results, while those with diabetes were at a 48 percent lower risk.

Researchers Identify Melatonin as Possible COVID-19 Treatment. https://www.verywellhealth.com/melatonin-possible-covid-19-treatment-5087816