Did you know that the first human case of a highly contagious bird flu strain was detected in the US?

Early this week, an adult man under the age of 40 who was employed at a commercial poultry farm in Montrose County, Colorado, was found to be infected with the influenza A (H5) virus.

H10 flu viruses cause few signs of disease in birds and very rarely cause serious disease in humans

Jin Hua/VCG via Getty Images

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2279407-first-human-case-of-h10n3-bird-flu-strain-reported-in-china/#ixzz7RwDS6T3w

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has tracked more than 2,500 individuals who have been exposed to birds infected with the H5N1 virus and has only discovered one case in Colorado. Farms throughout more than half of the nation have been devastated by the spread of avian flu viruses, which has resulted in the deaths of millions of egg-laying birds. There have been no reported incidences of H5 viruses transmitting from person to person at this time. Celine Dion provides an update on her health as she announces the cancellation of her tour for the second time.

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