It is a mystery that increased dementia risk linked to drugs commonly used to treat intestinal, respiratory and mood disorders

Anticholinergic drugs are utilized to produce a panoply of factors—for depression and psychosis, bladder and gastrointestinal conditions, allergies and symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Yet, within the study published Monday in Journal of the American Medical Association's Internal Medicine, patients over age 55 who used strong anticholinergic medication daily for more than four years had a... Continue Reading →

It is amazing how drugs make headway against lung, breast, and prostate cancers

Newer drugs are substantially improving and enhancing the chances of survival for some individuals with hard-to-treat forms of lung, breast, and prostate cancer, doctors, reported at the world’s largest cancer conference. Photo by Pixabay on Immunotherapy drugs such as Keytruda have transformed the various treating types of cancerous tumors, but they’re still relatively new... Continue Reading →

Alert! Generic Drugs may not be as effective as you think

While the price of prescription medication soars, individuals are increasingly taking generic drugs: low-cost solutions to brand-name medications. Frequently medical health insurance plans require patients to change to generics as an easy way of controlling costs. Though, almost all of the generic medications being sold into the U.S. are produced offshore, mainly in India and... Continue Reading →

Behaviors concerning antibiotic use may possibly forecast cardiovascular problem

A brand new research that examined the medical information of a large number of women of all ages discovered that long term antibiotics use is linked to high risk from encountering a cardiovascular occurrence. Women of all ages may want to consider restricting their usage of antibiotics to avoid cardiovascular problems. Researchers for Tulane University... Continue Reading →

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