Even with early treatment, HIV still attacks young brains, study says

Many children living with HIV today are in sub-Saharan Africa. While early antiretroviral therapy, or ART, has ensured less deadly outcomes for little ones managing and subject to HIV, studies show the HIV most likely will prohibit the brain. HIV may disrupt neurodevelopment, affecting how children learn, reason operates.  To get some inspiration Michael Boivin,... Continue Reading →

Childhood stress affects the brain when one becomes an adult

The human brain is a phenomenal body organ. It is responsible for ideas and emotions. It tells one’s muscles to move. It even can increase or decrease depending on what is occurring in ones setting. Now a brand new study discovers that going through severe instances as a kid also could have an influence. That... Continue Reading →

Meditation may protect your brain from aging

As we grow older we forget our keys or usually do not remember people’s names, or solve math problems less readily once we approach middle age. This is often described as age-related cognitive decline. Years ago, scientists thought that this decline was inevitable, but extraordinary research in past times two decades has shown that the... Continue Reading →

Science is moving forward in China, surgeons are treating addiction with brain implants

Deep brain stimulation (DBS), an experimental technology that involves implanting a pacemaker-like device in a patient’s brain to send electrical impulses, is a hotly debated subject in the field of medicine. It’s an inherently risky procedure and the exact effects on the human brain aren’t yet fully understood. But some practitioners believe it could be... Continue Reading →

Most useful health supplements of the brain: minerals and vitamins that increase the brain’s functions

MENTAL PERFORMANCE is the most essential an element of the body, and choosing the best health supplement to guide mind function could improve quality of reasoning, creativeness, alertness, concentration, attention, memory or even temper. The brain may be the greatest resource for efficiency and is the principle controller associated with bodies functionality. Once the mind... Continue Reading →

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