Zika has never triggered a significant human epidemic in Africa

Zika has never triggered a significant human epidemic in Africa, except in Cape Verde. Aedes aegypti spreads mainly through one species of mosquito that thrives in tropical climates around the world. Forest-dwelling types tend to feed on animals such as rodents or antelopes. On the other hand, the human-loving type likes to bite people and spends its life close to people, experts believe. The disparity in feed choice is possibly why the virus has not been such a significant problem in Africa. The research was published in Science on Thursday.
Study: African mosquitoes are more immune to infection than human-loving Latin American mosquitoes. Africa’s mosquitoes are less likely to pick up the virus from contaminated blood. According to the report, the pattern of infection is surprisingly well associated with the epidemiological pattern of infection. According to the author of the report, the results help clarify why there was a massive outbreak of the virus in Latin America. “It was almost too nice to do that. What do you think may be Africa’s success in preventing epidemics?

One Dangerous Mutation May Cause the Devastating Birth …. https://www.newsweek.com/one-dangerous-mutation-may-cause-devastating-birth-defect-tied-zika-673748
Why Does A Virus Cause Problems In One Region But Not Another? A Study Offers Insight. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/11/20/936649934/why-does-a-virus-cause-problems-in-one-region-but-not-another-a-study-offers-ins

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