U.S. Alcohol-Related Deaths Have Doubled, Study Says

More Americans are ordering more rounds, which is leading to more funerals, according to new research on alcohol-related deaths. Looking at data beginning with the National Center for Health Statistics, researchers estimate deaths from alcohol-related problems have more than doubled during the last nearly twenty years. Death certificates spanning 2017 indicate nearly 73,000 people died... Continue Reading →

Can doctors prevent 3 in 5 pregnancy-related deaths in US?

Pregnancy-related fatalities sometimes happen up to 12 months after birth; consequently, they are preventable within the most of cases, based on a recent report. These deaths consist of those due to a pregnancy problem; events set off by maternity or the worsening of an underlying condition because of the aftereffects of pregnancy regarding the body.... Continue Reading →

Could heart failure deaths be on the rise in younger adults in the United States?

A recently available decline in heart failure-related fatalities in the United States has reversed, and those kinds of deaths are now actually climbing nationwide, among grownups ages 35 to 64. The trend, which also unveiled some racial disparities, ended up being present in an investigation paper published when you look at the Journal of this... Continue Reading →

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