Research links widely-used drugs to a nearly 50% higher risk of dementia

Research conducted recently found some common drugs could raise the likelihood of dementia or dementia-like symptoms by nearly fifty percent. According to the research, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, discovered the increase odds of dementia in people 55 and older who take anticholinergic medications. Photo by David Cassolato on Anticholinergics are used to treat... Continue Reading →

It is a mystery that increased dementia risk linked to drugs commonly used to treat intestinal, respiratory and mood disorders

Anticholinergic drugs are utilized to produce a panoply of factors—for depression and psychosis, bladder and gastrointestinal conditions, allergies and symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Yet, within the study published Monday in Journal of the American Medical Association's Internal Medicine, patients over age 55 who used strong anticholinergic medication daily for more than four years had a... Continue Reading →

Blood pressure drugs may help reduce dementia risk

A massive innovative analysis has discovered a connection concerning choosing many classes of blood pressure-lowering medications and a minor risk of dementia amongst senior adults, adding to the conversation about the relationship concerning cognitive deterioration and high blood pressure. People who take blood pressure-lowering medication may have a lower risk of dementia. Dementia is an... Continue Reading →

Ways to Prevent Dementia

The World Health Organization (WHO) shows that close to 50 million men and women globally currently have dementia. Dementia is actually a ailment seen as problematic that affects the memory, thinking, and performing daily task.. As for its causes, Alzheimer’s disease is a common disease in the United States that causes dementia and is the... Continue Reading →

Would you like to know the six things providers should know about HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders?

At the beginning of the epidemic, probably the most terrifying consequences of late-stage, AIDS-related disease was the many neurocognitive problems, the worst of that was dementia. At that time, without any effective antiretroviral treatments, the virus quickly penetrated the blood-brain barrier. AIDS dementia complex, along side early opportunistic infections (OI) such as Kaposi sarcoma and... Continue Reading →

There is a common brain disease that looks like Alzheimer’s but it is not!

For numerous seniors who are clinically determined to have Alzheimer's disease. A definite type of late-occurring dementia known as LATE may be the source of their state. The issue is, informing the two apart is far from easy. Though, recently publicized recommendations may help health professionals differentiate both conditions, providing individuals with either of the medical... Continue Reading →

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