Blood pressure drugs may help reduce dementia risk

A massive innovative analysis has discovered a connection concerning choosing many classes of blood pressure-lowering medications and a minor risk of dementia amongst senior adults, adding to the conversation about the relationship concerning cognitive deterioration and high blood pressure.

People who take blood pressure-lowering medication may have a lower risk of dementia.

Dementia is an umbrella term for numerous neurodegenerative disorders, the most extensive of which is Alzheimer’s disease.

The critical trait of dementia is progressive cognitive deterioration, in which a person encounters memory loss and degeneration in their reasoning and decision-making capabilities.

Scientists are still ambiguous as to what causes dementia, but in an attempt to progress prevention stratagems, they have been examining the possible danger causes that may be a factor to the progress of this condition.

Various current studies have connected hypertension with an advanced risk of dementia. For example, a paper that appeared in the journal Neurology last year found that hypertension is coupled to a higher risk of suffering brain lesions, which are, in turn, attached to dementia.


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