It is a mystery that increased dementia risk linked to drugs commonly used to treat intestinal, respiratory and mood disorders

Anticholinergic drugs are utilized to produce a panoply of factors—for depression and psychosis, bladder and gastrointestinal conditions, allergies and symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Yet, within the study published Monday in Journal of the American Medical Association's Internal Medicine, patients over age 55 who used strong anticholinergic medication daily for more than four years had a... Continue Reading →

Top Food Allergens and Hidden Sources

While many are working with pesky seasonal allergies due to the fact, Earth begins to bloom this spring; individuals are dealing with a more severe as a type of allergy: food allergies. May is Food Allergy Awareness Month, and awareness is type in this disease. If you or someone you love is affected with food... Continue Reading →

Can you believe more than 2 million pounds of frozen entrees recalled over allergen risk?

A lot more than 2, 000, 000 pounds associated with frozen en trees have already recalled because of misbranding and an excellent undeclared anaphylactic, the US Division of Farming stated. Typically the recall affects 2, 094, 186 pounds of G. F. Chang's House Menus Chicken Mat Thai and even Poultry Deep-fried Rice. The things may... Continue Reading →

Peanut immunotherapy could possibly increase the threat of serious allergies

  A promising therapy for specific food allergies may be riskier than hoped. Food allergies may have a higher risk than realized, based on a new review. Researchers found that patients with a peanut allergy given oral immunotherapy-a treatment that exposes them to small doses of the food over time were more likely to experience... Continue Reading →

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