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Vanuatu ‘s representative to the European Union made a political proposal

In December 2019, at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Vanuatu’s representative to the European Union made a political proposal: to make environmental degradation a crime.

Vanuatu is a tiny island country in the South Pacific, a nation endangered by increasing sea levels. Global warming is an immediate and catastrophic problem in the region, and activities that triggered rising temperatures – such as the combustion of fossil fuels – has almost totally taken place abroad to satisfy other nations, with the blessing of state governments.

Small island states like Vanuatu have long sought to convince big, strong nations to voluntarily curb their pollution, but progress has been sluggish – Ambassador John Licht indicated that it might be time to change the legislation itself.

An enhancement to the Treaty, also known as the Rome Statute, developed by the International Criminal Court could criminalize ecocide-related actions, he said, adding that “this radical concept deserves serious debate.”
Ecocide: Should killing nature be a crime? – BBC Future. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20201105-what-is-ecocide

Does air pollution effects: Global Warming?

Global warming can be defined as an increase in the normal temperature of the planet due to air-borne pollutants, which accumulate sunlight and radiation and produce the greenhouse end product. This particular air pollution layer prevents the reflection of sunlight rays by Earth’s surface towards space, which raise the temperature in our planet among a lot more outcomes.

Air pollution effects: Global Warming

It is a authentic challenge since statistics and research are there. In accordance to NASA’s data:

  • Carbon monoxide amounts in the the open air tend to be the highest in 650.000 years, concretely up to 408 ppm (parts per million).
  • 17 out of the eighteen hottest years in the history (which have been documented) have taken place following 2001. Global temperature has enhanced 1°C (1,8°F) since 1880.
  • Arctic ice minimum levels have diminished 13,2% each decade. In 2012, Arctic summer deep-sea ice shrank to the lowest extent on record.
  • Satellite data reveal that Earth’s polar ice sheets are losing mass at speed of 413 gigatonnes each year.
  • Ocean level is currently increasing  by 3,2 millimeters per year.