Meditation replenishes the body

For many thousands of years in ancient India, folks have been taking advantage of the practice of meditation. The main aim of meditation is spiritual awakening within and enlightenment. However, the consistent practice of meditation brings and have many benefits on many levels, such as the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

People who meditate realize that they usually have dramatic increases in awareness of one’s body, calm energy, and general well-being. Scientific technology has been used to validate and prove that the numerous advantages of meditation by measuring alterations in brain wave activity, as well as physical health benefits with time. Over 500 scientific tests conducted at 200 independent universities and institutions in 35 countries and published in over 100 leading scientific journals regarding the substantial great things about meditation.

Meditation replenishes mental and emotional energy, but additionally, there are some direct effects in the physical brain and nervous system. For instance, recent scientific studies have discovered that meditation escalates the pre-frontal cortex of your brain, that area of the brain responsible for positive feelings and emotions. People who meditate regularly also show improved and increase their capacity for learning and retaining information – a bonus for the college student!

Benefits of Meditation | Swami Kenananda.

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