Peanut immunotherapy could possibly increase the threat of serious allergies


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A promising therapy for specific food allergies may be riskier than hoped. Food allergies may have a higher risk than realized, based on a new review. Researchers found that patients with a peanut allergy given oral immunotherapy-a treatment that exposes them to small doses of the food over time were more likely to experience life-threatening allergic reactions like becoming unable to breathe and other severe symptoms like vomiting than those who were given placebo or avoided their triggers. Patients were given oral immunotherapy for peanut allergies. These individuals were exposed to small doses of food over some time.However, these individuals were more likely to experience life-threatening allergic reactions such as unable to breathe or to vomit than patients given a placebo.

Oral immunotherapy has emerged as a hopeful treatment for food allergy in recent years. Oral immunotherapy is an emerging hopeful treat for food allergies. Its basic premise is similar to the allergy shot people get for their pet or pollen allergy. For months, this happens over months at the doctor’s office. Patients eat a gradually increasing but a small dose of peanut that ideally should not cause any reaction or only mild symptoms. Patients began to eat a gradual amount, but in small doses of peanut products, while on the oral immunotherapy should not cause any reaction or just mild symptoms. Eventually, people can take those doses which can come as a powder, pill, in pill form or even peanut butter, or peanut butter at home as maintenance to keep their tolerance up at home to keep their tolerance up.

Even in people who respond well to the treatment, it is not seen as a cure. Although people respond well, it is not a cure. People still have to watch what they eat and hold on their supply of epinephrine to treat a severe allergic reaction People must watch what they consume and if they have a supply of epinephrine on hand to treat any allergic reaction, also known as anaphylaxis. Symptoms of anaphylaxis can range to hives to swelling of the throat so severe that it can suffocate the individual. One needs to recognize that anaphylaxis ranges from hives to swelling of the throat which can be severe enough to suffocate the individual.

Peanut allergies

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