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Why African-Americans Should Remember the 13th Amendment?

Though slavery was a part of America’s nasty history, this is the time to seize the moment and be assertive as liberated human beings and be agents of change.If you do not know your rights as a human being, you will fall in the slave mentality again.It is true it is illegal to hold slaves in modern times, but with no education or ambition. You become a slave of an unjust system because of the lack of knowledge.

In 1865, the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, legally concluding the establishment concerning slavery, is ratified. “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for the crime of which the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” With the words and phrases, the most significant modification wrought by way of Civil War was in fact legally documented in the Constitution.

The ratification originated eight months following the closing of this battle. However, it symbolized the finale of the difficulty to protect against slavery. As soon as the battle started, some people in the North were definitely against preventing what they noticed as being a mission to get rid of slavery. In spite of some northern Democrats as well as, conservative Republicans were definitely in opposition to slavery’s growth, these people were ambivalent regarding outlawing the institution completely. The war’s escalation following the First Battle of Bull Run, Virginia, in July 1861 triggered many people to reconsider the function that slavery performed in causing the discord. By 1862, Lincoln noticed that it had been folly to wage a real bloody battle devoid of strategies to get rid of slavery. In September 1862, following Union triumph at the Battle of Antietam in Maryland, Lincoln released the Emancipation Proclamation, proclaiming that every slave found in the territory still in rebellion regarding January 1, 1863, might be proclaimed permanently free. The approach was in fact primarily emblematic, mainly because it exclusively liberated slaves in areas in the vicinity of Union influence, however, it altered the conflict from a battle intended for the reunification of the states to a conflict whose goals and objectives covered the devastation concerning slavery.

Lincoln thought that the constitutional amendment was, in fact, essential Image result for president lincoln to guarantee the conclusion attached to slavery. In 1864, Congress challenged many recommendations. Some were adamant on incorporating specifications to counteract bigotry to protect against blacks, but the Senate Judiciary Committee offered the inevitable language. It obtained from the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 when prohibition of slavery in the region north of the Ohio River. The Senate approved the amendment in April 1864.

A Republican success in the 1864 presidential political election would probably make sure of the amendment’s achievement. The Republican platform requested the “utter and complete destruction” concerning slavery, although Democrats preferred restoration of states’ protection under the law, which may incorporate at a minimum the opportunity about the states to retain slavery. Lincoln’s overpowering triumph put into effect the events ultimately causing ratification of the amendment. The House approved the solution on January 1865, and the government delivered to the states for the purpose of ratification. When Georgia ratified the item on December 6, 1865, the establishment involving the brutality of slavery legally discontinued to exist in America.

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This is a wonderful resource to read and is beneficial for all my readers who want to know about the freedom of slaves in America

Would you like to know who freed the slaves?



Police Life Living with PTSD

Many law enforcement happen to be careful, and some, especially amongst investigators, happen to be outstanding. Police dedicate a lot of their time in the disorderly and aggravating nether-reaches concerning society: de-escalating domestic attack conflicts, working together with drunks and addicts, coming upon dangerous automobile accidents, addressing arguments substantial and small.

Psychological Implications of a Police Officer

Law enforcement appears to be on a psychological and biochemical roller coaster. Law enforcement officials encounter occurrence of rigorous action and alertness, accompanied by mental crashes marked by exhaustion, and reclusiveness. Law enforcement becomes hyper attentive. Surrounded by criminal activity throughout the day, some come to comprehend that society is more hazardous than it truly is.


Under Stress

Law enforcement psychologically armors up. Most of the police officers develop a negative, dehumanizing and hard-edged spontaneity that was an attempt to insulate themselves from the distress of viewing a dead youngster or the extinguished life of a young female, they arrived too late to save.


However, the majority of instances are certainly not risking, the danger is consistently a possibility, often in the back of the brain.

In many locations, a self-supporting and insular law enforcement culture builds up:

  • In this particular culture, no one understands police work except for fellow officers
  • the training in the academy is ineffective
  • To do the job you’ve got to flex the rules and follow the laws of the jungle
  • the community is broken down into two sorts of individuals – good cops and bad cops.

Life Style of a Police Officer

Police life is a lifestyle of either feeling of boredom and stress. Life expectancy for cops is lower than the general population. Police suffer disproportionately from peptic issues, back problems, and heart disease. In one study, suicide rates happened to be three times greater amongst cops than among various other municipal employees. Other scientific studies have discovered that somewhere between 7 percent and 19 percent of police officers experience from post-traumatic stress dysfunction. The impact is especially severe for individuals who have been engaging in shootings. Two-thirds of the officers who involved in shootings suffer moderate or severe emotional issues. Seventy percent depart from the police force requires seven years of the incident.

Some police officers are aware they walk a dangerous line. A study in 2000

Workplace Stress

by the National Institute of Justice study, more than 90 percent of the officers surveyed indicated that it is wrong to respond to verbal abuse with force. Nonetheless, 15 percent of the cops surveyed were aware that officers in their department sometimes or often did so.


Plus through the years, authorities have worked to humanize the profession. Overall, police usage of force is on the decline, combined with the crime rate generally. According to the Department of Justice, the multitude of occurrences in which force was applied or confronted dropped from 664,000 in 2002 to 574,000 in 2008. Neighborhood monitoring has aided police to come much closer to the population.

Front Cover
This is a good read! Click on the link. Enter a caption


Final Thoughts

Black citizens pay taxes and for that reason additionally they pay law enforcement incomes. Police ought to be inside the neighborhoods to serve and safeguard not to pester, nag, annoy and to detain. The war on drugs is generally a war on the black population. Black men and women are treated like insurgents in populated neighborhoods rather than residents needing security. We should address how the war on drugs has changed into a war on black males which has triggered considerably more complications as opposed to being helped.



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Is It Possible That a Person Could Detach Themselves From Racism in a Multicultural Environment

Racism in a Democratic Society

Eraser erasing the word RACISM
Eraser  RACISM on a black background

In a multicultural society, have you ever thought about the world without racism? The problem that we have as a society is, eradicating racism. Though, Individuals reside in a democratic society, we have forums and presentations centered around race. The negative implication of bigotry is a matter of concern. Until society as a whole address the past, we cannot heal. Therefore, leaving residual biases in the immediate causes us as a society to have psychological problems that cause us to be stagnant. The only path to heal is to embrace difference.

The concern that may appear to be of interest relates to racism within a democratic society. Some persons are invested in eliminating racism. However, Racism within a democratic society can be described as a dilemma. Education regarding prejudice provides two goals and objective that comes to mind.

  1. One involves having the learners to learn strategies and facts concerning bias and its’ impact.
  2. The other objective involves minimizing prejudice viewpoints and changing behavior in a positive manner in relations to minorities or various other communities.

Within a multicultural, democratic contemporary society, teaching of principles and thought patterns may present a  question, the teaching of principles and attitudes that tends to present a predicament. It is a problem involving the individual’s right to maintain and keep a set of individualized beliefs, irrespective of social acknowledgment and expectations along with the values which the contemporary culture sustains. However, only a few individuals tend to perpetuate the opposite concerning the harmonious relations when it come to diverse nationalities.

Racism and Xenophobia

Racists and xenophobic way of doing something intensely embedded in

No Xenophobia

modern culture.  American is not a xenophobia exception to the rule, where strident xenophobia is present among a considerable portion of the people. Xenophobia manifest in the thought patterns that impact the perception of immigrants. Problems facing foreign nationals correspond with the difficulties concerning racial and cultural minorities. Nevertheless, the Human Rights Organizations raises the concerns about the person who come into conflict exposure to these racist and blind individuals. There are times when the confrontations may include a pointless use of firearms against these people that may result in a fatality. The risk of such ill-treatment is significantly greater when it comes to foreign people and migrant workers. However, many young men of color reveal that police stop them for an identification check. The action does not excuse the individuals in politics, who have a roundabout way of using destructive policies to problem extreme actions.

Is Xenophobia and Interrelated Intolerance an Exception to the Rule

The system of racism, racial bigotry, xenophobia and interrelated intolerance can be entrenched and entails generationally transmitting material deprivation and disparities, institutional plans and norms, values and ideologies concerning cultural superiority, and unfavorable psychological implications about the oppressed and oppressors. Racist and xenophobic ways of doing something intensely embedded  in modern culture.

 The United States is not an exception to the rule. Society views immigrants and racial minorities and different. The problem foreign nationals  face raised the concerns of others. The Human Rights organization at the present time are concerned about the accusation and the ill-treatment of racial minorities by law enforcement. The risk of Ill-treatment is significantly greater. However, some in politic promote this type of behavior. A good advocate tackles each of these problems and challenges the system to bring about a more human and peaceful solution to the table.

Tell the story from All Views

The tremendous advantage is looking at the stories of all individuals inclusively. All individuals from all groups of life have made substantial contributions to the communities around the United States. Minorities have paid the price for who they are. It is a good feeling to appreciate and honored all people.

Healing the Past

Center-For-The-Healing-of-Racism-4In order to erase racism, we as a society should go back and look at how racism started in our historical past. If we take not of the root of racism, it is possible to stop racism and move forward as a harmonious society and live together. However, advocates for justice objectives should to be to uncover different types of racial discrimination as well as advocate for laws and policies that promote to eradicate racial disparities, particularly in the places of housing, community development, public education and health. Its view is to transform, incorporated neighborhoods in which no person’s having access to opportunities limited by race or ethnic background.


Knowledge is power. After reading this book, you will come away with a new appreciation and awareness about the criminal justice system.

The New Jim Crow

The is a compelling book to read on the racism and the incarceration rate of African-Americans.

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Racial Antisemitism is Wrong


This idea suited the interests of antisemites since it offered a theoretical model to rationalize racializhands of different racesimagesed antisemitism. Variants of the design should be within the writings of several antisemites in the past due nineteenth century. The Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg formulated a variant of the idea in his manuscripts, arguing that Jewish individuals not be a “real” culture. Relating to Rosenberg, their development came into being from the combining of pre-existing races somewhat than from natural selection. The idea of Semiticization was typically associated with other longstanding racist worries with regards to dilution of ethnic difference through miscegenation, manifested in disturbing images of mulattos and other mixed groups.


Europeans Condemn Antisemitism as Protests Turn Racist …. (2015). Retrieved on December 6, 2015, from

Cultural Justice

Image result for Image on cultural JusticeA great many other people accept a few of the essential principles of interpersonal justice, like the proven fact that all humans have a simple degree of value, but disagree with the sophisticated conclusions that could or might not follow out of this. One of these is the declaration by H. Wells that people are “similarly eligible for the value of the fellowmen.”.

Interpersonal justice is also an idea that is utilized to the motion towards a socially just world, e.g., the Global Justice Motion. In this framework, sociable justice is dependent on the ideas of a human being privileges and equality, and can be explained as “how human privileges are manifested in the each day lives of individuals at every degree of society”.

Several motions will work to accomplish cultural justice in society. These actions will work towards  the realization of a global where all users of the culture, no matter history or procedural justice, have basic individual rights and equivalent usage of the advantages of their society.

Sociable injustices occur when there’s a preventable difference in health status among a population of individuals. These public injustices take the proper execution of health inequities when negative health says such as undernourishment, and infectious diseases are more frequent in impoverished countries. These negative health claims can frequently be avoided by providing communal and economic constructions such as main health care which ensures the overall population has similar access to healthcare services irrespective of income level, gender, education or any other stratifying factors. Integrating interpersonal justice with health inherently displays the sociable determinants of health model without discounting the role of the biomedical model.


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This is a powerful on the social injustice. This second edition of Social Injustice and Public Health is a comprehensive, up-to-date, evidence-based resource based on social injustice  of public health. With contributions from leading scholars in public health, medicine, health, social sciences, and how we need to improve the public’s health. Just click on the like it is at

Social Injustice

Knowing the Meaning of Social Justice


Activism and protest are act done in the name of justice and equality

We talk about justice but do we know or understand what justice is.  Let’s explore this definition of justice. Functionally, “justice” is known as a wide range of widespread concepts that usually lead persons when it comes to assessing what is correct and exactly what can be incorrect, regardless of what culture as well as, society individuals reside. Social justice is the virtue that in turn instructs all of us in constructing those structured human relationships we refer to as institutions. One may associate social justice with the notion of equality or equal opportunity in our society. Although equality is unquestionably part of social justice, the definition of social justice is much greater. Further, “equal opportunity” and comparable phrases including “personal responsibility” have been used to minimize the potential for understanding social justice by justifying tremendous inequalities in contemporary society.When concepts grounded in widespread requirements concerning justice happen to be brought down to earth, genuine persons usually do not always come across the ethical standing that follow everything that is beneficial (Wolfe, 1989).

Justice is among the four “primary virtues” concerning traditional ethical viewpoint, using bravery, temperance (self-control) as well as, discretion (effectiveness). (Faith, optimism, and charity are considered to be the three “faith-based” virtues.) Virtues or “ethical practices” teach individuals to improve, refine entirely their different potentials, therefore, to allow them to fulfill their personal self-interests along with operating in a harmonious relationship with others concerning their fundamental good.
Social justice includes economic rights.  Consequently, social institutions, when justly organized, offer us with having access to precisely what is suitable for the individual, both independently in addition to each of our interactions that include others. Individuals have an obligation to do business with individuals to develop appropriate ways to work to further the social advancement of justice for all people.

Restorative Justice


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