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Supreme Court will hear LGBT staff member discrimination cases term that is next

The Supreme Court consented Monday to think about whether national employment discrimination legislation that bans discrimination centered on sexual orientation encompasses discrimination considering one’s sexual identification.

Lower courts have actually split from the pressing issue that is of critical relevance to LGBT legal rights supporters who are seeking broadened defenses. The Trump management has actually stated that Title VII for the Civil Rights Act doesn’t supply protections that are such.

The court will hear arguments from the instances next term.

The situations are now being closely watched by LGBT rights groups that are wanting to broaden defenses. The Trump management, on the other hand, does not believe the law currently includes those defenses.

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Insidious version of Donald Trump


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Donald Trump really wants to make American great again — but first, he’s trying to make us afraid.

During his acceptance speech Thursday night, the Republican nominee for president (not “presumptive” anymore — as in, we’re actually doing this) cast himself as the savior of a nation beset by crime, undeterred foreign threats and spineless leadership. And then he achieved it not using the trademark unsubtlety and braggadocio that carried him to the convention, but alternatively using language blunted just adequate to make his frightening vision acceptable to voters.


Read more at: Opinion: A scarier, more insidious version of Donald Trump (n.d.) http://www.latimes.com/opinion/readersreact/la-ol-opinion-newsletter-donald-trump-republican-nominee-20160723-snap-htmlstory.html

91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False


trump-hands-headPoliticians running for president are graded by Politfact therefore the order runs in how you would expect it to when you are annoyed when Donald Trump is speaking. Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, has reached the base of the list with a sad 9% of true or mostly true statements. Just 9% of this things Donald Trump says are typically pertaining to the truth.

Trump lies a great deal that in 2015, Politifact awarded him the Lie of the season for numerous statements he made, because the team couldn’t select the most egregious lie. Away from 77 statements checked, 76 of these were found to become mostly false to false to pants on fire lies.

Read more at: Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False (n.d.)   http://www.politicususa.com/2016/03/31/ninety-one-percent-donald-trump-false.html

Donald Trump doesn’t read much. Being president probably wouldn’t turn that around

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As the hero himself has trained in order to be named the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump has never read any biographies of presidents. He stated he would like to someday.
They’ve instantly to understand, he explained: “I not have. I’m always busy making a lot. Now I’m more busy, I guess, than before.
Trump’s desk is piled high with magazines, nearly all out of them with himself on their covers, and each morning, he reviews a pile of printouts of reports articles about himself that his secretary delivers to his desk. Fact is that there are without any shelves of books in his office, no computer on his desk.
Presidents have different methods of preparing to make decisions. Some read deeply, some prefer to review short memos that condense difficult issues into bite-size summaries, ideally with check-boxes at the lower of the page. But Trump, poised to become the first major-party presidential nominee since Dwight Eisenhower who had not previously held elected office, appears to have an unusually light appetite for reading.

Read more at:Donald Trump doesn’t read much. Being president probably wouldn’t change that (n.d)

Trump Is Horrifying


Featured Image -- 1043A team of historians whose life’s work has consisted of studying the men, women and events that shaped America have banded together to speak out against Donald Trump.

Historians including David McCullough, Ken Burns, Robert Caro, Ron Chernow and Vicki Lynn Ruiz have all posted short videos explaining why Trump’s campaign is disturbing to a Facebook page called “Historians on Donald Trump.”

McCullough contacted Burns to arrange your time and effort after he saw Burns’ commencement speech at Stanford this current year, that was highly critical of Trump. The page was made Wednesday morning.

Find out more at: Here’s Why Donald Trump Is Horrifying, According To Historians (n.d.) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/historians-donald-trump_us_578644dee4b03fc3ee4e9da7

Trump rebuked for his tweet with an image of Clinton and a Star of David


It had been so near to the message that Republicans say they want from Donald Trump: a tweet describing Hillary Clinton as “crooked” and the “most corrupt candidate ever,” on the morning that the likely Democratic presidential nominee met aided by the FBI.

Nevertheless the image that Trump decided to illustrate his point, which portrayed a red Star of David shape slapped onto a bed of $100 bills, had origins into the online white-supremacist movement. For a minimum of the fifth time, Trump’s Twitter account had shared a meme from the racist “alt-right” and offered no the reason why.

Resource: Trump draws rebuke for his tweet with an image of Clinton and a Star of David (n.d.) https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-draws-rebuke-for-his-tweet-with-an-image-of-clinton-and-a-star-of-david/2016/07/03/d321162c-4136-11e6-88d0-6adee48be8bc_story.html

Trumps’ view of Indian people


Just whenever you thought you had heard it all about Donald Trump’s bigotry, it ends up there’s a brand new revelation, almost worse as compared to one before it.

The season was 1993, and Donald Trump had his sights set on Native Americans, because their casino was destroying his Atlantic City casino, as the utmost popular in the us.

While he was giving testimony ahead of the Congressional Subcommittee on Native American Affairs, Trump tore into the Pequot Indian Nation – members of which had been protesting against his attacks to their casinos – arguing which they must not be legitimate Native Americans as they didn’t appear to be the racial stereotypes he imagined.

“They don’t look like Indians in my experience and so they don’t appear to be Indians to Indians,” he griped.

The Pequot nation saw nearly all their nation massacred by English settlers into the 1600’s.

The tribe now only has lower than 2,000 members, lots of whom do have more Caucasian features and names than fit in what Trump imagines Native Americans to check like.

Resource: Trump Tells Native American Protesters They ‘Don’t Look Like Indians’ To Him (n.d.) http://countercurrentnews.com/2016/03/trump-tells-native-american-protesters-they-dont-look-like-indians-to-him/

Louisiana Sheriff Unleashes ‘Jew Bastard’ Rant at Federal Prosecutor

Sheriff Louis Ackal of Louisiana's Iberia Parish (YouTube screen capture)

A Louisiana sheriff faced with federal civil rights violations allegedly called a federal prosecutor inside the case a “son-of-a-bitch Jew bastard” and threatened to shoot him “right between [his] goddamned Jewish eyes.”
Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal made the comments, that are believed to reference Justice Department special counsel Mark Blumberg, while being secretly recorded in March, according to a motion filed by prosecutors Wednesday.

Blumberg met with Ackal in May concerning the sheriff’s pending civil rights trial, where prosecutors could have pushed Ackal to supply all of them with informative data on others under investigation, based on an excerpt regarding the comments Ackal allegedly made. However, prosecutors try not to agree with Ackal’s alleged characterization for the meeting into the recordings, claiming the meeting involved attorneys for both parties and was “cordial and professional.”

The motion asked for brand new conditions modifying Ackal’s release from jail pending his trial. New restrictions would include limits regarding the usage of alcohol and a restraining order barring contact with alleged victims when you look at the investigation. Currently, Ackal’s only condition is the fact that he not possess a firearm.
Anti-Semitism is definitely a part of the South, in the same way it has been contained in many components of the U.S., said Mark Potok, a senior fellow using the Southern Poverty Law Center. However, Potok said there has been a growth in all forms of racial, religious and ethnic bigotry in the united kingdom.
Resource:Louisiana Sheriff Unleashes ‘Jew Bastard’ Rant at Federal Prosecutor (n.d.) http://forward.com/news/343986/louisiana-sheriff-unleashes-jew-bastard-rant-at-federal-prosecutor/#ixzz4DAYoXtaO

Blood, faith unite Muslims, LGBT and others after rampage

Pulse nightclub shooting

Central Florida Muslims gave their blood.

They gave their money.

Plus they resolved to face united in mourning with members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community shaken by Sunday’s mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

“there was never, ever any justification for such unacceptable crimes against humanity, crimes against God, crimes against our country,” said Hassan Shibly, executive director for the Florida branch associated with Council on American-Islamic Relations.

A stream of statements denouncing the attack began flowing from local Muslim groups within hours regarding the rampage, which was carried out by a gunman who’d reportedly declared his support for any Islamic State.

Pulse nightclub shooting
Muhammad Musri, Imam regarding the Islamic Society of Central Florida, speaks at a press conference where police force official gave an update regarding the Pulse Nightclub shooting on June 12, 2016.
The Islamic leaders used the text like “monstrous,” “appalling,” “brutal” and “senseless” to spell it out the shooting that turned a club swaying with Latin music into a scene of tragedy.

CAIR, the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization, exhorted community members to donate blood for victims of the attack on Pulse, the club where in actuality the shooting took place. Florida Muslims also announced a fund drive at launchgood.com for victims regarding the rampage, which killed a minimum of 50 people and injured dozens more during the nightclub.

Media reports said the gunman, Omar Mateen, had recently become enraged at seeing two gay men kissing in Miami. Investigators were also looking at possible ties to international terrorism.

Mateen reportedly called 911 and pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State moments before he carried out the attack in the nightclub, according to a federal law enforcement official. Mateen, 29, of Port St. Lucie, was killed after a shootout with Orlando police.

Shibly said the LGBT community has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Muslims in the fight against Islamophobia, in which he vowed to return the support.

“the truth is, we both have a similar enemies that promote fear and hate contrary to the U.S. and that have targeted both communities for violent acts,” Shibly said during a midday news conference organized by CAIR.

Standing beside Shibly was Carlos Guillermo Smith, a representative of Equality Florida, an LGBT advocacy group. He later reiterated that the 2 communities are united.

“Let me be clear: Equality Florida stands in solidarity with the Muslim and Islamic community as well as in opposition to the intolerance, discrimination and hate crimes that both of our communities experience,” Smith said.

The Muslim leaders rejected the idea that the gunman’s actions had any experience of true Islam and pointed to champion boxer Muhammad Ali, who died earlier this month, as being representative of the faith.

“we shall not let a demented individual wipe out decades of great work that Muslim communities have inked when you look at the U.S.,” said Atif Fareed for the American Muslim Community Centers.

The shooting’s timing is heavy with significance for the gay and Islamic communities, happening during LGBT Pride month and also the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

The sacred month of Ramadan is a time period of prayer and fasting, aided by the aim of fostering compassion for others, Shibly said.

Ramadan is per month of creating empathy with your fellow human beings, by being there for the poor, the oppressed, the needy. By feeling the hunger that numerous those who don’t possess drink and food feel,” he said. “It just adds more insult to injury that this horrific crime would happen in such a holy month.”

Also in attendance at the CAIR news conference was Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor at Northland, A Church Distributed.

“There is no location for hatred and violence in just about any healthy religion or in any healthy society,” Hunter said.

Words of sorrow and condolence poured from spiritual leaders all over region on Sunday.

“A sword has pierced one’s heart of your city,” Bishop John Noonan of the Catholic Diocese of Orlando, wrote in an email to your city’s religious leaders.

Noonan is at an out-of-state bishops’ conference but changed his travel plans so he could come back to Orlando to keep a prayer service — he called it a “Vigil to Dry Tears” — at St. James Cathedral in downtown Orlando at 7 p.m.

In other places, wordlessness was truly the only reaction to the violence.

Members of Metro Church in Winter Springs held a second of silence throughout their Sunday services before bowing their heads in prayer when it comes to victims.

“I’m divided in my own spirit because element of me cries out, saying, ‘God, where will you be?'” Metro Church pastor Seth Cain thought to his congregation. “as well … personally i think like it’s these moments that remind me why we’re here and why we’re doing the things we are doing.”


Could there be hidden bias groups in Britain?

BritainNearly half a century ago, when he first became a working supporter of Britain’s Work Party, Rabbi Abraham Pinter said it had much less of a problem with anti-Semitism than the country as a whole.
But whilst other political groups have got recognized the need to address bias against Jews, Pinter stated the country’s main resistance party was stuck in past times.
Labour now faces claims of anti-Semitism in its rates – from its high-profile previous London mayor Ken Livingstone, who said Adolf Hitler had supported Zionism, to students at Oxford University or college. This has fanned concern amongst Jewish communities already concerned at increasing levels of hate crimes.

“The Labour Party never recognized it a new problem. It’s really exactly where it was 50 years ago, inch said Pinter, a former Work councilor who speaks pertaining to the Orthodox Haredi Judaism community in the Restaurant Stamford grand Hill area of north Greater London.
“It’s been there and it’s really still there, ” this individual told Reuters.
Some inside Labour say they are getting accused of anti-Semitism only for expressing legitimate criticisms of Israel. Senior figures have got said prejudice is limited to a small fringe and had been used to smear party head Jeremy Corbyn.

But the line could play a role in Thursday’s London mayoral election. Work candidate Sadiq Khan, broadly tipped to become the capital’s first Muslim mayor, stated he was appalled simply by Livingstone’s comments and that they can harm his chances within a city home to an approximated 170, 000 Jews.
Moshe Menezira, manager of the Kosher Deli in Golders Green in north London, that has a large Jewish community, stated there seemed to be an issue within Labour and that it had been leading to many Jewish voters reconsidering whether to back again Khan.
“I know a lot of Labour supporters yet they’re in two thoughts because of what is going on, ” the 65-year-old said.
Last week, Labour’s leadership suspended Livingstone and ordered an inquiry in to anti-Semitism in the party following comments the ex-mayor made in a radio interview that Hitler had backed Zionism in the 1930s before “he went crazy and ended up killing 6 million Jews”.
Livingstone have been defending a Labour Muslim lawmaker after she apologized for posting online text messages which included a suggestion that His home country of israel should be relocated to the United states of america to solve the problems in the Middle East.
The incidents sparked claims from Jewish leaders that Labour leaders and those for the British political left had been doing too little to overcome anti-Semitism in their ranks.
“There is now a cancer within their party and it is getting even worse by the day, ” the Judaism Chronicle newspaper said within an editorial in March. “If Labour is not to reduce the last residue of trust from our community, it must recognize and deal with that cancer. ”
Competitors of Labour have previously leveled accusations of anti-Semitism against socialist Corbyn, who had been elected party leader last September. They pointed to a speech he produced about the Middle East last year, in which he described Hamas and Hezbollah – groupings designated as terrorist agencies by Britain and the United states of america – as “friend.
Conventional Prime Minister raised individuals comments during heated exchanges with Corbyn in parliament on Wednesday.
“Are they will your friends or are they not really? Because those organizations within their constitutions believe in persecuting and killing Jews, ” Cameron said. “They’re anti-Semitic agencies, they’re racist organizations, this individual must stand up and state they are not his close friends. ”
Corbyn replied: “Obviously anyone that commits racist works or is anti-Semitic can be not a friend of my own. ”
The Labour head has previously said he previously used the term friends in “a collective way”.
The parliament exchange and the line surrounding Livingstone followed harming headlines for Labour in February, when the co-chairman of the Oxford University Work Club quit, saying “a large proportion of both OULC and the student still left in Oxford more generally have some kind of problem with Jews”.
On Tuesday, Labour stated it had suspended 3 councillors in northern and central England because of anti-Semitic remarks.
Independent Jewish Sounds, a human rights group set up in 2007 which criticizes some of Israel’s policies, stated it was concerned at capturing suggestions that anti-Semitism was pervasive in the party.
“We also reiterate the view that the battle against anti-Semitism is undermined anytime opposition to Israeli federal government policies is automatically top quality as anti-Semitic, ” this said.
But some Jewish market leaders say Labour has more than the usual fringe problem, with anti-Zionism often used as a cover for being anti-Jewish.
“In latest days, we have heard anti-Semitism in the Labour Party described variously as ‘a smear’ and as ‘mood music’ being manipulated by politics opponents of Jeremy Corbyn, ” Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis wrote in Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph paper.
“There has been nothing more disheartening in this story than the suggestion that this much more about politics than regarding substance. ”
‘Becoming acceptable’
The anti-Semitism row can be casting a shadow more than Khan’s push to become gran of London, an associated with about 8. 5 mil people.
Most Jewish voters say they have no issue with Khan himself, who stated he was disgusted simply by Livingstone’s remarks.
The Labour leadership generally needs to act far more important and swiftly when these types of comments are made, ” this individual said on Tuesday. “It can’t be right that there are Londoners of Jewish faith who have feel the Labour party is not a place on their behalf. ”
In Golders Green, where Jewish men putting on skull caps push buggies along the street past Kosher shops and restaurants that line the main highway, there is certainly real concern that the line engulfing Labour could energy prejudice in Britain.
Law enforcement figures showed an increase greater than 60 percent in anti-Semitic incidents in London last year, as the Community Security Trust, which usually advises Britain’s estimated 280, 000 Jews on protection matters, said 924 situations were recorded across the country during 2015, including 86 chaotic assaults.
Earlier this month, parliament’s Home Affairs Panel said it would hold a brief inquiry into anti-Semitism more than concerns prejudice was increasing.
In the London Judaism Family Centre in Golders Green, Denise, 61, who have declined to give her surname, said anti-Semitism in The uk had got “way worse” since she moved from South Africa four years ago.
“Six to eight weeks back I was walking across a bridge and a car ceased and the people inside known as me a bloody Jew. The 1st time ever it’s happened in my opinion in four years, inch she said.
The line has been disheartening for Jews involved in Labour politics who have support Khan’s stance.
Mike Katz, the National Vice-Chairman of the Jewish Labour Motion and a Labour applicant for the London Set up, said the expansion from about 200, 000 to about 380, 000 party members since Corbyn became leader had led to the amount of people with anti-Semitic views also increasing.
“People over modern times have found it simpler to pursue a discourse exactly where it is acceptable to say these items and blur the lines between legitimate criticism of Israel and something which will go far further, ” this individual told Reuters.
Rabbi Pinter, who said he was embarrassed that he utilized to count Livingstone as a friend, said those in Work who denied there was a problem were part of the problem.
“People are getting concerned that this is certainly causing anti-Semitism to become popular. My concern is it could becoming acceptable, ” this individual said.