Speaking Prophetic Words of Violence,Could This be the Unconscious Subliminal Message That Leads to Anger?

Trump anger 1I believe everyone should have their say or present their case to a committee. However, scare tactics does not work or bullying others show that they are not really who they are inside. In saying that I would rather have someone in politics that knows the system. It is just like saying you are a mechanic, but you do not know anything about working of cars. Your ability and skills will determine if you are capable of being in whatever position one works. A pretender never gets away, because time will determine if one is really up to the task.

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday said it was “unacceptable” for Donald Trump to suggest there would be rioting if he is not the Republican nominee.
“Nobody should say might be found in my thoughts and opinions because to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable,” Trump told reporters on Capitol Hill.
On Wednesday, Trump said on CNN that if he does not win the GOP nomination at the convention there might be a riot because he represents millions of people.
Ryan acknowledged there could be an open convention.
“We are getting our minds around that correctly could turn into reality,” Ryan said.
Ryan that has declined to state that he did oppose Trump as the nominee even while he has scolded the GOP front-runner for his rhetoric said Thursday that he will not see himself denouncing Trump’s candidacy.
“I do not believe I will wish to accomplish that,” he said while reaffirming his previous statements that he will operate on conservative principles.
Ryan also reiterated that he will not serve as the party’s nominee when there’s a contested convention come to early July.
And he indicated his predecessor, John Boehner, to avoid making public remarks of support earlier this week at a Florida conference.
“I saw Boehner yesterday evening, and I told him to knock it off,” he said. “I used slightly different words. I used his words that he used to work with against us when he told us to knock things off.”


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