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Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has paused critically ill COVID-19 patients’ enrollment

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has paused critically ill COVID-19 patients’ enrollment with its trial studying the antibody cocktail treatment, which was fond of President Trump earlier this month. The choice is because of potential safety concerns.
The drugmaker on Friday said it was suspending the enrollment of hospitalized #COVID-19 patients requiring high-flow oxygen or mechanical ventilation after an unbiased monitoring committee observed “a potential safety signal and an unfavorable risk/benefit profile at the moment.”

The enrollment of individuals in this category should be on hold, pending the collection and evaluation of additional data.

Trials continue to test the antibody cocktail in hospitalized patients necessitating little if any extra oxygen. Other trials involving mild or moderately ill patients also can move ahead.

The drug has revealed encouraging outcomes. Regeneron on Wednesday said early data confirmed the therapy lowered COVID-19 related medical visits by 57 percent.

Regeneron earlier this month asked the foodstuff and Drug Administration for emergency approval and said it could make doses accessible to the American people free of charge. The drugmaker said it might have sufficient doses for 300,000 people when looking at the coming months.


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Hospitals overwhelmed due to covid

People need to wear masks, sanitize one’s hands, and practice social distance. This virus is real, and when one is turned away from the hospital, that is a concern. Individuals need to stop being ignorant and think that this is a joke or a hoax.

According to officials with one of the region’s largest health care providers, the surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations is so severe in the Kansas City area that some hospitals were forced to refuse ambulances due to a lack of space.

Kansas City-area hospitals overwhelmed, turn away ambulances. https://fox4kc.com/news/kansas-city-area-hospitals-overwhelmed-turn-away-ambulances/?fbclid=IwAR01Ps7fVzcN4zfy-zYDg2NdzR3hJACmksI7IlMELnuiB0UkGNTtHXiqUUs

Blood Test May Show the ones at Risk of Severe COVID

If you’re unfortunate enough to be admitted to your hospital with COVID-19, a typical blood marker may predict how severe your illness might become. New research shows.

The blood marker is named “red cell distribution width” (RDW) — basically, the greater the variance within the measurements of red blood cells, the poorer an individual’s prognosis, the study authors explained.

A COVID-19 patient’s RDW test result “was positively correlated with patient mortality, and the correlation persisted when controlling for other identified risk factors like patient age, several other lab tests, and some pre-existing illnesses.

The newest study was published online Sept. 23 in JAMA Network Open and was led by Dr. John Higgins, a pathologist investigator during the hospital and associate professor of systems biology at Harvard Medical School.

“We desired to help find approaches to identify high-risk COVID patients early and easily that is likely to become severely ill that will take advantage of aggressive interventions, and which hospitalized patients will probably get worse most quickly,” Higgins said in a hospital news release.

To take action, they looked at blood tests for more than 1,600 adults identified as having SARS-CoV-2 infection who’d been admitted to at least one of four Boston-area hospitals in March and April 2020.

Higgins, along with his team, had expected that they might need to ferret out some obscure blood marker that may predict poor outcomes from COVID-19. But they quickly unearthed that RDW — already used in standard blood tests — easily suit you perfectly.

In reality, patients whose RDW values were above the normal range once they were first admitted to your hospital had a danger of death that was 2.7 times compared to patients whose test outcomes were in the normal range, the researchers found. Overall, 31% of patients with above-normal RDW test outcomes died compared with 11% of the with expected RDW test outcomes.

And in case an individual’s RDW rate was standard upon admission but then slowly started initially to rise to above-normal levels, that correlated with an increase within the patient’s odds of death, the research found.


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