Did you know HIV from a hug is a fallacy? Misinformation persists among young Americans, study finds.

It's been four decades since the first AIDS cases were reported when you look at the U.S., but stigma against HIV-positive people persists, among younger Americans have not been alive throughout the early — and darkest — days of this epidemic.

Millions of people in the United States live with HIV

Although HIV/AIDS has mainly faded from the headlines, the disease continues to be infecting millions. When looking at the United States, about 1.1 million people age 13 and older are living with HIV, the virus which causes AIDS, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A decade ago, the sheer number of U.S.... Continue Reading →

HIV treatment may eliminates risk of passing on virus

The possibility of passing in the HIV virus is wholly eradicated by successful drugs treatment; a landmark study has revealed, in a substantial boost towards the prospects of ceasing the AIDS epidemic. Research of about 1,000 gay male couples with one partner with HIV who had taken antiretroviral therapy (ART) discovered no new cases of... Continue Reading →

How can medical providers help not to misreport a patient’s HIV status?

  How come some study volunteers misreport their HIV status to scientists? Maybe they misunderstood the conditions for incentive repayments or perhaps the concern itself, speculated the authors of recently available research on the subject. Alternatively, possibly the concerns are not phrased in a fashion that is not difficult for laypersons to comprehend, countered David... Continue Reading →

Could this be the end to HIV/AIDS since a large research study indicated that medications prevent HIV transmission?

An end to the Aids epidemic may be in view after the landmark review discovered males whose HIV infection was in fact completely suppressed simply by antiretroviral medications had simply no possibility of infecting their spouse. The achievements of the medicine implies that if everybody with HIV were definitely completely medicated, there would be no... Continue Reading →

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