Could this be the end to HIV/AIDS since a large research study indicated that medications prevent HIV transmission?

An end to the Aids epidemic may be in view after the landmark review discovered males whose HIV infection was in fact completely suppressed simply by antiretroviral medications had simply no possibility of infecting their spouse.

The achievements of the medicine implies that if everybody with HIV were definitely completely medicated, there would be no more infections.

Among nearly 1,000 adult man partners throughout European countries where one spouse with HIV was getting care to reduce the virus, there have been zero instances of transmission of the infection to the HIV-negative spouse during intercourse without having a condom. Even though FIFTEEN males had been infected with HIV throughout the eight-year research, DNA screening demonstrated that was because of sex with somebody besides their spouse who had not been on treatment.

In accordance with the National Aids Trust, 97% of individuals on HIV medication in the United Kingdom have an undetected degree of the virus, indicating they can not transfer. This could be significantly strengthening and comforting to the people coping with HIV.

The most recent results strengthen the need for persons taking HIV assessments regularly, which may eventually eliminate the transmitting of the virus completely in the foreseeable future. New diagnoses have been completely decreasing since their peak during 2005, with statistics from 2017 displaying a 17% drop about 2016 including a 28% fall in contrast to 2015.

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