HIV treatment may eliminates risk of passing on virus

The possibility of passing in the HIV virus is wholly eradicated by successful drugs treatment; a landmark study has revealed, in a substantial boost towards the prospects of ceasing the AIDS epidemic.

Research of about 1,000 gay male couples with one partner with HIV who had taken antiretroviral therapy (ART) discovered no new cases of transmission towards the HIV-negative partner during sex without a condom.

During the period of the eight-year study, 15 men were infected with HIV, the herpes virus, which causes AIDS. However, genetic tests revealed that the transmissions were a result of the HIV-negative men having sexual relations with someone aside from their partner.

The report, in The Lancet medical journal, indicates that using ART to suppress HIV to undetectable levels showed that it was incapable of transmission during sex.

If everyone in the world with HIV knew their status and had usage of successful treatment, no new cases would occur, the study suggests.

HIV treatment eliminates risk of passing on virus ….

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