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Health experts say that at least 70 percent of the country needs to be vaccinated

Health experts say that at least 70 percent of the country needs to be vaccinated to ensure herd immunity and completely eradicate the epidemic that killed more than 300,000 Americans. National polls show a growing number of Americans are willing to get a coronavirus vaccine, but some populations, especially Black and Latinos, are reticent. Federal officials are releasing a 95 percent effective vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech, and on Friday the Food and Drug Administration cleared a second vaccine from Moderna that was almost equally effective in preventing COVID-19 cases. Some people have quoted what the Trump administration calls politicizing a vaccine, despite officials’ denial that policy plays a role in rapid development.

These groups have been reinforced by the coronavirus epidemic, which both eroded trust in traditional institutions and left millions of people with few options for social interaction beyond the internet. Paul Barrett, deputy director of the Stern Center for Business and Human Rights at New York University, told The Hill that the biggest source of coronavirus vaccine disinformation is “the transformation of long-standing anti-vaccine activists. “There is a considerable foundation that existed before anyone heard of COVID-19,” he explained. The same mistrust in institutions that have revived anti-vaccination communities has also led thousands to conspiracy theories.

QAnon, whose followers believe President Trump is trying to expose a dark elite group running child sex trafficking gangs in the media and government, has had a clear benefit of shifting towards this conspiratorial notion. The growth of QAnon may make it difficult to achieve herd immunity as its supporters increase the lies about COVID-19 vaccines, as it is applied with a microchip to control and monitor citizens or Bill Gates is responsible for the coronavirus. “These conspiracy theories are wrong, but I am very concerned that they could enter the mainstream. And if we have people who will not be vaccinated, this makes it much more difficult for us to achieve herd immunity through vaccination and therefore end the epidemic, ”said Leana Wen.

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey revealed that 42 percent of Republicans would likely not be or definitely would not be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Vice President Pence and his wife Karen were vaccinated live on television Friday in an attempt to bridge the partisan gap. “Today there are millions of Americans whose most trusted envoy is President Trump. And that’s why it’s really important for President Trump to speak to correct misinformation, ”Wen said.

Trump has repeatedly raised doubts about the seriousness of the epidemic and mocked his use of masks to limit its spread. According to a report from Cornell University, 38 percent of all articles published in January that contained misinformation about the coronavirus outbreak, lawmakers in Congress supporting Trump also said things that could deter vaccine use. Ken Buck said in a Fox Business interview Friday morning that he would not receive the vaccine because he was “more concerned with the illness about the side effects of the vaccine”.

His office later announced that Buck believes people at risk should “get the vaccine immediately”. Right-wing media has also been the driving force of coronavirus misinformation. Beyond restricting current coronavirus misinformation, Barrett said platforms should work to increase information about vaccines from trusted sources. Still, healthcare professionals said tech companies can only go so far.


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Can you believe that Trump is merely 67 votes faraway from being an ex-President; therefore, it is freaking him from

Hillary Clinton’s nearly 66 million votes in the 2016 election weren’t enough to defeat Donald Trump. But just over 0.0001% of your could end Trump’s presidency. That’s the reality of what Trump faces if the man is formally impeached through House of Representatives later today, as is expected, prompting a removal trial inside the Senate.

Photo by Aaron Kittredge on Pexels.com

In such a trial, the Constitution simply requires two-thirds considering the Senate, in this case, 67 senators, to vote to convict and remove — then it’s goodbye Trump.

Trump’s fate lies in the hands of 20 GOP senators — the fictitious number necessary join the 45 Democratic senators and two independent senators, who typically side with Democrats, to vote to convict him and end his presidency, assuming they all vote to eliminate Trump.

Yes, this is a huge long shot that 20 Republican senators will vote to send Trump packing, especially given Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s statement a while back saying there’s “had no opportunity” that Trump will probably be removed. However, as an old trial lawyer, I can tell you with the jurors don’t always do for sure. And there’s still the opportunity that further incriminating evidence is revealed about Trump between now and the start of the trial.

Including the best of US, presidents would be unnerved at the prospect that their political demise is just 67 votes away. And even though Trump has been called a lot of things, “secure” is undoubtedly not one instance. Here is the same Trump who just days ago took to Twitter to despicably mock 16-year-old global climate warming activist Greta Thunberg, likely because she beat him out for the title of their time magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

Contributing to Trump’s stress level are comments such as the one made by former GOP Senator Jeff Flake, who recently declared that there would be “at least 35” Republican senators who would vote to eradicate Trump if ballots have been kept secret. That number could be considered a bit high. Still, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy started several weeks ago, which he thinks there are at least five GOP senators already more likely to vote with Democrats.

Any doubt that Trump costs of this math through his head over and also over, aiming to work out if he mocked or angered enough Republican senators that would spell his political doom? Naturally, what gives Trump protection is that his GOP base backs him solidly, and all of the Republican senators who vote to eliminate Trump could expect to receive their wrath.

And even though the Trump campaign publicly claims that impeachment will help Trump win in 2020 by firing up his base, Trump’s own Twitter is a glimpse of a President entirely panic mode. On Thursday, Trump unleashed a barrage of 123 tweets in the course of the House Judiciary Committee debate toward the articles of impeachment, many commenting toward the hearings, including one instance where he accused two Democratic constituents of the property of lying.

That established a record regarding the most tweets by Trump in a single day, eclipsing his record of 105 tweets set just days before, on Sunday, where he also aimed along at the impeachment process numbers.

Just, for instance, one in all Trump’s tweets Sunday expressed his approval of a conservative activist who had written, “The Constitutional framers could well be appalled by the way impeachment continues to be wielded for being a political weapon against President Trump.”

From the following Friday, following the House Judiciary Committee voted to approve articles of impeachment, Trump again took to Twitter to formulate how upset he cannot be charged with illegal trespass: “It’s not fair that I’m being Impeached when I’ve not made any effort to improve your chances of finding a job wrong!”

Even President Bill Clinton was concerned at the chance being taken from office evidenced by his apology to the country shortly after being impeached through House in 1998, stating, “Exactly what I want The united states and its citizen to know, exactly what I want the Congress to learn, is that I appear to be profoundly sorry for all I have done wrong in words and deeds.”

Clinton offered those words despite having an approval rating that could reach over 60% when it occurs, which notably peaked at 73 percent just days after the House voted to question him.

Such a contrast to Trump, who per FiveThirtyEight.com, currently provides the lowest approval rating of almost any president these many days into his first term at 42%. Trump now even trails Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush concurrently point inside their respective first terms, and both of them lost re-election.

Trump should be worried. Anything can happen in an effort. All it is going to take is precisely 20 Republican senators to join the Democrats in saying they had an ample amount of his antics, and Trump can have earned himself a destination in historical event — and then in every school textbook — just like the first president in the history of the republic removed from the Senate. Understanding that thought is causing Trump to panic.

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Do you believe there is independent support for an impeachment inquiry rises following public hearings: poll?

Impartial help for the impeachment inquiry rose after the public proceedings, based on a ballot announced Friday. The Politico/Morning Talk to poll confirmed 44 percent of independent voters polled backed the charge inquiry, a 4-point bounce from last week’s poll. Impartial contrast towards the inquiry also dropped (eight) 8 points to 39 per cents. This enhance proof comes after polls the past few days confirmed the decline of independent help to regard the examination. Polls showed that in fact Democrat party and Republicans stand their ground to back and fight the inquiry.

This week’s ballot showed 81 percent of Democrats the surveyed groups helping the House examination into President Trump, and 81 per cents of Republican the surveyed groups against it. The even split among party-aligned voters showed the intervention independents may have in the full opinion. Overall, registered voters within the poll endorsed the impeachment question rate as a week ago, at 48 percent.

The opposition to the investigation slipped by 2 shows forty-three per cents. The poll pooled 1,988 registered voters between Nov. 22-24. Within the days implementing the last public proceedings in the House, the amount of mistake is 2 percent points. The House launched a charge inquiry into the leader. This inquiry was after a whistleblower complained. Trump requested the Ukrainian leader to inquire former Vice President Joe Biden days after withholding military benefit beginning with the nation. Existing and former officers testified before the House Intelligence Committee on the White House’s partnership along with Ukraine.

Author Resource Box: https://thehill.com/homenews/house/472044-independent-support-for-impeachment-inquiry-rises-following-public-hearings

William Howard Taft the 27th President of the United States, 14th cousin 2x removed

President William Howard Taft is my 14th cousin 2 x removed. The ancestor who connects both of us together in my genealogical tree is Joan Plantagenet Beaufort , Countess (1379 – 1440), my 13th great grandmother.

William Howard Taft was born on September 15, 1857 and died on March 8, 1930. He had been the 27th president associated with United States (1909–1913) as well as the tenth chief justice associated with United States (1921–1930), the sole person to have held both offices. Taft was elected president in 1908, the chosen successor of Theodore Roosevelt, but was defeated for re-election by Woodrow Wilson in 1912 after Roosevelt split the Republican vote by running as a third-party candidate. In 1921, President Warren G. Harding appointed Taft to be chief justice, a posture by which he served until four weeks before his death.

This is the genealogical chart the shows how William Howard Taft and I connect to Joan Plantagenet Beaufort , Countess (1379 – 1440), my 13th great grandmother:

President William Howard Taft (1857 – 1930)
14th cousin 2x removed

Alphonso Taft (1810 – 1891)
Father of President William Howard Taft

Peter Rawson Taft
Father of Alphonso Taft

Rhoda Rawson (1749 – 1827)
Mother of Peter Rawson Taft

Abner Rawson (1721 – 1794)
Father of Rhoda Rawson

Edmund Rawson
Father of Abner Rawson

Susanna WILSON
Mother of Edmund Rawson

John WILSON (1621 – 1691)
Father of Susanna WILSON

Elizabeth Mansfield (1595 – 1658)
Mother of John WILSON

Sir John Mansfield (1572 – 1610)
Father of Elizabeth Mansfield

Anne de Eure (1536 – 1566)
Mother of Sir John Mansfield

Sir Ralph Eure
Father of Anne de Eure

William Eure
Father of Sir Ralph Eure

Ralph Eure (1453 – 1539)
Father of William Eure

William Sir (Hoare ) Eure (1440 – 1484)
Father of Ralph Eure

Eleanor Eleanore de Greystoke (1416 – 1468)
Mother of William Sir (Hoare ) Eure

Elizabeth de Ferrers (1395 – 1434)
Mother of Eleanor Eleanore de Greystoke

Joan Plantagenet Beaufort , Countess (1379 – 1440)
Mother of Elizabeth de Ferrers

Does the Presidents behavior gives reason to impeach?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated on Thursday that she is convinced President Donald Trump every day presents reasons about impeachment meanwhile quarreling that she does not want to impeach, although she would not exclude the likelihood.

Pelosi thinks the President daily provides reasons meant for impeachment when it comes to his obstruction of justice. She by no means state, blanketly, she is not responding to any subpoenas Pelosi explained.

The comments were comparable to remarks Pelosi made recently recommending that the President, only by his conduct, is successfully creating an advantage of his impeachment.

Although Pelosi also stated at the function, “Now she no longer wants to impeach,” attaching, she wants the President to give them the facts before having to waste too much money on attorneys.

Trepidation among House Democrats and the Trump administration boomed to epic proportions furthermore this week when the White House declined demand for files from the House Judiciary Committee in its comprehensive investigation into conceivable impediment of justice.

House Democrats claim that they possess a constitutional obligation to practice oversight of the President, even though Trump and his allies dispute that the investigations motivated by Democrats are politically enthusiastic and engineered to focus on the President for partisan motives. However, Pelosi rejected to state if she supports imposing penalties on persons who ditch congressional subpoenas, on the other hand, reiterated that “absolutely nothing is off the table” when asked about this likelihood throughout the press meeting.

James Knox Polk ,11th President of the United States, 9th cousin 6x removed

James Knox Polk, the 11th President of the United States in my 9th cousin 6x removed. The ancestor who connect us together is Sir James 1st Lord Duke Hamilton Hamilton 6th Laird of Cadzow Hamilton (1423 – 1479), my 11th great grandfather.

James Knox Polk was born on November 2, 1795 died on June 15, 1849. He was the 11th President of the United States (1845-1849). He previously was Speaker of the House of Representatives (1835-1839) and Governor of Tennessee (1839-1841). A protégé of Andrew Jackson, he was a member of the Democratic Party and an advocate of Jacksonian democracy. During Polk’s presidency, America expanded significantly with the annexation of the Republic of Texas, the Oregon Territory, and the Mexican Cession following the American victory in the Mexican-American War. After building a successful law practice in Tennessee, Polk was elected to the state legislature (1823) and then to the United States House of Representatives in 1825, becoming a strong supporter of Jackson. After serving as chairman from the Ways and Means Committee, he became Speaker in 1835, the only President to have been Speaker Polk left Congress to run for governor; he won in 1839 but lost in 1841 and 1843. He was a dark horse candidate for the Democratic nomination for President in 1844; he entered his party’s convention as a potential nominee for vice president but emerged as a compromise to head the ticket when no presidential applicant could secure the necessary two-thirds majority.

The genealogical chart shows how President James Polk and I share a common ancestor:

James Knox Polk ,11th President of the United States (1795 – 1849)
9th cousin 6x removed

Samuel Ezekial Polk (1772 – 1827)
Father of James Knox Polk ,11th President of the United States

Ezekial Franklin Polk (1747 – )
Father of Samuel Ezekial Polk

William Polk (1700 – 1753)
Father of Ezekial Franklin Polk

Robert Bruce Polke (1640 – 1704)
Father of William Polk

Robert Bruce Pollock (1601 – 1640)
Father of Robert Bruce Polke

Robert Pollok (1559 – 1625)
Father of Robert Bruce Pollock

Janet Mure (1524 – 1576)
Mother of Robert Pollok

Elizabeth Hamilton (1505 – )
Mother of Janet Mure

Gavin Hamilton (1480 – )
Father of Elizabeth Hamilton

Sir James 1st Lord Duke Hamilton Hamilton 6th Laird of Cadzow Hamilton (1423 – 1479)
Father of Gavin Hamilton

James Madison, my 4 cousin 11x removed

James Madison 4th President of the United States

President James Madison is my 4th cousin 11x removed. The ancestor who connects us together is Benjamin Harrison III, my 10th great grandfather.

Adam Madison Jr. was an American statesman, lawyer, diplomat, philosopher, and Founding Father whom served simply as the fourth President of the United States by 1809 to 1817.