Insidious version of Donald Trump

  Donald Trump really wants to make American great again — but first, he’s trying to make us afraid. During his acceptance speech Thursday night, the Republican nominee for president (not “presumptive” anymore — as in, we’re actually doing this) cast himself as the savior of a nation beset by crime, undeterred foreign threats andContinue reading “Insidious version of Donald Trump”

91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False

  Politicians running for president are graded by Politfact therefore the order runs in how you would expect it to when you are annoyed when Donald Trump is speaking. Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, has reached the base of the list with a sad 9% of true or mostly true statements. Just 9% of thisContinue reading “91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False”

Donald Trump doesn’t read much. Being president probably wouldn’t turn that around

As the hero himself has trained in order to be named the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump has never read any biographies of presidents. He stated he would like to someday. They’ve instantly to understand, he explained: “I not have. I’m always busy making a lot. Now I’m more busy, I guess, than before.”Continue reading “Donald Trump doesn’t read much. Being president probably wouldn’t turn that around”

Trump Is Horrifying

A team of historians whose life’s work has consisted of studying the men, women and events that shaped America have banded together to speak out against Donald Trump.

Trump rebuked for his tweet with an image of Clinton and a Star of David

It had been so near to the message that Republicans say they want from Donald Trump: a tweet describing Hillary Clinton as “crooked” and the “most corrupt candidate ever,” on the morning that the likely Democratic presidential nominee met aided by the FBI. Nevertheless the image that Trump decided to illustrate his point, which portrayedContinue reading “Trump rebuked for his tweet with an image of Clinton and a Star of David”

Trumps’ view of Indian people

Just whenever you thought you had heard it all about Donald Trump’s bigotry, it ends up there’s a brand new revelation, almost worse as compared to one before it. The season was 1993, and Donald Trump had his sights set on Native Americans, because their casino was destroying his Atlantic City casino, as the utmostContinue reading “Trumps’ view of Indian people”

Trump Fans Want a Less-Diverse America

No diversity