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Watch out the Laws You Pass to Discriminate, Could these Laws Come Back to be Your Nightmare?

gay1As a blogger, I know that some may not share my thoughts and belief, however, I believe whether we agree with people or not, that we should have a love for our neighbor. I might not agree with my neighbor, but love is what brings us together. I overheard a conversation about the LGBT community, and while listening to the statements, I was applaud of what was coming out of Christians mouths. I was asked for my response; I said answered with a question, who in the shop has a perfect life? The shop went quiet. Who has committed sin in their mind while being angry with another person? How many have lusted after a woman? Still no answer. I responded, “Do not use God as a pon because God is not a Pon. Using the Bible to an AK47 to shoot people down does not give you that right to do unjust drive-by shootings with your lips. The same Bible used to enslave, was the same Bible used to kill millions of Jew, the same Bible used to oppress women was that same Bible that was used to deny rights to individuals who are different, and this was the same Bible used to write a constitution that excluded American Indians. Then I processed to say; there is a difference between reading the Bible and Studying the Bible. Studying means that you struggle with text and critically break that text down using the actual language, Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. If one is not critically translating this text in its original form, I have questions. So, before quoting scripture make sure you know what you are saying because King James I was a homosexual and murderer.

Anti-gay religious community heads in Kokomo, Indiana, are getting down on their knees to pray that they will remain to enjoy the privilege to discriminate against
LGBT persons.

Kokomo’s Common Council voted 5-4 to approve an LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance. The ordinance is a response to the Indiana Legislature’s failure to pass statewide law that would protect LGBT persons.

if the council approves the ordinance about second reading this evening, Kokomo will become one of regarding Indiana cities which may have approved LGBT protections.

About Thursday, 100 religious leaders opposed the ordinance gathered to pray that one council member will change their vote while on their knees inside Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church.

However, organizers of the rally insisted they were acting out of love, not hate, and merely following “God’s word. ”

“It is never right for a man ever to be in a the female bathrooms, (or) locker rooms in Kokomo, Indiana, ” noted Eric Miller, the founder of Advance American, an Indianapolis-based anti-LGBT group.

Sadly, Tribune reporter Cara Ball did not bother to contact anyone who supports the ordinance for her story. She did nothing also to table the false, fear-mongering declaration that the ordinance can in some manner lead to possible sexual predators going into women’s restrooms and so preying on young girls.

Soon after Improve America’s Miller got dealt with the council carry on Mon, officials began offering inclination to speakers who are in the populous metropolis.

Some of those speakers were Aleczander Leader, an 18-year-old trans scholar at Kokomo High school graduation who have refuted the trans bathroom myth poignantly.

“I simply want to know why most people fellas think we are going to end up being potential predators, seeing as how the washroom can be our worst problem? ” Dean told that authority.

Mount Pisgah Pastor L. E. Anderson mentioned that he did not have a problem with LGBT people.

“God loves them as he loves us, ” Anderson told the Tribune. “It is not about LGBT. It is not about heterosexual. It is not about homosexual. It is about God’s word, and that trumps everything. ”

Councilman Stephen Whikehart, the author of the ordinance, told The New Civil Rights Movement he is confident it will pass on the second reading.
“The five of us our firm and adamant on the subject of creating a complete part of legislation that expands city rights protections to add: era, marital status, expert level, sexual orientation and male or female identity, ” this individual explained. If our community strategies to remain competitive nearby, and so nationally globally, we must entice and retain households, quality professionals, and hard-working people. Part of this kind of interest comes with creating a secure and so inclusive environment. We can not end up being influenced by misguided beliefs plus the propagation of dread.


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After The Voting In Kentucky, Should We Be Concern About Discrimination Written into Law Again?


Strange, someone tried to take this article off the internet, I am just exposing it for what it is. You cannot hide the truth. Shame on You Law Makers! Let The past Die! This generation will not stand for injustice, and then hide the truth from the public by taking the article from the internet.

A Kentucky Senate committee is trying to pass a bill that would permit or allow store owners and other merchants along with other providers of services to refuse to serve interracial couples, mixed family members, or couples of various faiths. Also, the expenses would prevent the refused couples from seeking redress through the courts.
Next thing you know they will band and in the lifeless of the night with each other, eliminate the shops of those they see as different.

As the situations might differ, an imperative factor remains the same: religious beliefs has been used as a justification to discriminate against and harm others.

Cases of organizations and people claiming the right to discriminate in the name of faith are not new. In all those particular instances, as a society, we ought to acknowledge that demanding integration had not been about violating faith-based freedom; it was about making sure justice means equality. Today it is not any different.

Religious freedom in the United States means that people all possess the right to our spiritual values, but this will not provide all of us the to make use of our religion to discriminate against and impose individuals beliefs on other people who usually do not share them.


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