Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill , 12th cousin 2x removed

Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill is my 12th cousin 2 x removed. The ancestor who connect us is Catherine Neville, my 11th great grandmother. Lord Spencer-Churchill was born at 3 Wilton Terrace, Belgravia, London. He was initially independently schooled, and later went to Tabor’s Preparatory School at Cheam, London. In January 1863 he attended Eton College, in which he continued to be until July 1865. He did not stick out either at academic work or sport while at Eton; his contemporaries identify him as a vivacious and somewhat unmanageable young man. In October 1867 he matriculated at Merton College, Oxford. He had a preference for sports, but was also an enthusiastic reader, and acquired a second-class degree in jurisprudence and contemporary history in 1870. In 1871, Churchill and his uncle George Spencer-Churchill were definitely initiated in to the rites of Freemasonry, as later on his son Winston would be. In 1874 he was chosen to Parliament as Conservative member for Woodstock, Oxfordshire defeating George Brodrick, a Fellow, and afterwards Warden, of Merton College. His maiden speech, delivered in his initial session, encouraged kind comments from Harcourt and Disraeli, who published to the Queen of Churchill’s ‘energy and natural flow’.

These are the ancestors who connect Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Church and I:

Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill ,Lord (1849 – 1895)
12th cousin 2x removed

John Winston Sir 7th Duke of Marlborough Spencer-Churchill (1822 – 1883)
Father of Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill ,Lord

Jane Stewart Stewart (1798 – 1844)
Mother of John Winston Sir 7th Duke of Marlborough Spencer-Churchill

Jane Bayley Bayly alias Paget (1774 – 1842)
Mother of Jane Stewart Stewart

Henry Bayly alias Paget
Father of Jane Bayley Bayly alias Paget

Caroline Paget
Mother of Henry Bayly Bayly alias Paget

Brig. Gen. Thomas Paget
Father of Caroline Paget

Henry Paget
Father of Brig. Gen. Thomas Paget

Frances Rich (1617 – 1672)
Mother of Henry Paget

Henry Rich, Earl (1617 – 1672)
Father of Frances Rich

Penelope Devereux (1562 – 1607)
Mother of Henry Rich, Earl

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