It is amazing how drugs make headway against lung, breast, and prostate cancers

Newer drugs are substantially improving and enhancing the chances of survival for some individuals with hard-to-treat forms of lung, breast, and prostate cancer, doctors, reported at the world’s largest cancer conference. Photo by Pixabay on Immunotherapy drugs such as Keytruda have transformed the various treating types of cancerous tumors, but they’re still relatively new... Continue Reading →

This is unbelievable, a California teacher on medical leave for breast cancer has to pay for her substitute

A San Francisco teacher who's on medical leave has to worry about a lot more than just battling breast malignancy. Along with footing medical bills, she's to pay for an alternative teacher at Glen Recreation area Elementary School. All teachers receive 10 paid days of healthcare leave per year in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA... Continue Reading →

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