Could essential oils help soothe itchy bug bites?

It is the summer season to be decorated with bug bites and continually fighting or struggling with an itch. From mosquitos to horse flies, noseeums to ticks, insect bites could be miserable, mainly when they genuinely are itchy. Plus it often feels as though it does not matter what one is doing; the itch just … Continue reading Could essential oils help soothe itchy bug bites?

Look out for black spider bites

The black widow spider’s bite produces shooting pain and appears as two dots produced by their fangs. Nausea, increased blood circulation pressure, and vomiting occur soon after and certainly will require immediate medical attention. The brown recluse spider bite is painless, but may still be extremely serious. The bites in many cases are red, then … Continue reading Look out for black spider bites

Beware of black fly bites

Similar to ticks, black flies live off the blood of other animals, plus they can deliver painful bites! Irrespective of being a general nuisance to humane, these flies can hold diseases. Many U.S. states will have programs to manage black fly populations. Along with hurting immediately, black fly bites remain painful, itch, and certainly will … Continue reading Beware of black fly bites

Tick bites

A tick will attach itself to the warm parts of the body and feed on blood, passing on any illness it carries in the act. Ticks can hold a number of diseases, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Early elimination of the tick can help prevent transmission of those diseases. Watch for such … Continue reading Tick bites

Chigger bites

Chiggers are not actually insects, but instead the juvenile type of a form of mite. They could be present in forests and grasslands, along lakes and streams, if not in parks, lawns, and golf courses. These bites are painless, however they produce itchy, raised red lesions from the skin which can be just like the … Continue reading Chigger bites

Identifying mosquito bites

As most individuals recognize, mosquito bites itch severely. Mosquito bites may swell as a result of toxins or allergic substances carried within the mosquito’s saliva. Scratching the bites can cause them to break or teat, and can even lead to infection. Wearing insect repellant is important because mosquitos can carry diseases such as malaria, West … Continue reading Identifying mosquito bites

Flea bites

Flea bites often start as an itchy rash of tiny, sometimes bleeding, bumps within the armpits or perhaps the crease of a joint. The itching might be localized to start with, nonetheless it can spread and be very severe, especially in those who are responsive to flea bites. The region around these bites may swell, … Continue reading Flea bites

Bed Bugs bites

Bed bugs leave large circles of bites in orderly rows. The bites cause itching, skin redness, localized swelling, as well as blisters regarding the bites. These spots eventually turn to small red bumps and fade after several days. The bites are not dangerous, though infections might result from scratching the bites. Bed bugs are obligatory … Continue reading Bed Bugs bites

Identifying fire ants bites

A fire ant can both bite and sting. The bites or stings could have a red center that is in the middle of lighter colored rings, and there can also be tendrils of redness coming off the main area of the bite. Its primary symptom, however, is pain. Those who are bitten or stung by … Continue reading Identifying fire ants bites