Flea bites

Flea bites often start as an itchy rash of tiny, sometimes bleeding, bumps within the armpits or perhaps the crease of a joint. The itching might be localized to start with, nonetheless it can spread and be very severe, especially in those who are responsive to flea bites. The region around these bites may swell, and touching them will cause them to make white.

In lots of species, fleas are principally a annoyance with their hosts, causing an itching sensation which often causes the host to try to eliminate the pest by biting, pecking or scratching. Fleas are not only a source of annoyance, however. Flea bites cause a slightly raised, swollen itching spot to form; it has just one puncture point during the center, like a mosquito bite. Aside from this, the eczematous itchy skin disease flea allergy dermatitis is common in lots of host species, including cats and dogs. The bites often come in clusters or lines of two bites, and will remain itchy and inflamed for up to several weeks afterwards. Fleas can lead to hair thinning due to frequent scratching and biting by your pet, and may cause anemia in acute cases.

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