Could essential oils help soothe itchy bug bites?

It is the summer season to be decorated with bug bites and continually fighting or struggling with an itch. From mosquitos to horse flies, noseeums to ticks, insect bites could be miserable, mainly when they genuinely are itchy. Plus it often feels as though it does not matter what one is doing; the itch just cannot be scratched.

As it works out, itching bug bites often means they are worse. When a mosquito bites the skin layer, histamine is released, that causes the itch, as well as the body, sends immune cells to the precise location of the bite. If a person scratches it, the person is going to damage or irritate the skin further, which only intensifies the itch. This scenario is known as the “itch-scratch cycle.”

The easiest method to stop the cycle and soothe the itchy bug bites is to try using oral antihistamines and topical corticosteroids. Icing insect bites or applying a cold compress can also reduce the inflammation sans medications. Moreover, if one is looking for another do-it-yourself solution that is slightly more potent, one could consider using essential oils on the bug bites.

The easiest method to stop the cycle and soothe the itchy bug bites is by using oral antihistamines and topical corticosteroids. Icing insect bites or applying a cold compress may also decrease the inflammation sans medications, she adds. If one is looking for another home remedy that’s slightly more potent, the individual may consider using essential oils on the bug bites.

How Essential Oils Can Heal the Sore & Achy Body
Many people use essential oils topically for sore muscles and various skin ailments. However, with any essential oil, it is essential to be somewhat cautious, because and even though these oils are viewed as “natural,” they are highly concentrated and could result in a reaction if they are not diluted with a carrier oil. In addition to the very last thing, one would be to create the bug bites even more irritated. It is a good idea to speak or discuss with a board-certified dermatologist before attempting any OTC or home treatment — but especially if one is tinkering with essential oils.
Keeping those warnings at heart, here the person will find the essential oils that could help calm and soothe itchy insect bites:
Tea Tree Oil.Some experts say that tea tree oil may ease or soothe the discomfort and itch associated with insect bites, as well as act as a repellent and antibacterial agent. A study on canines indicated that tea tree oil could be a promising treatment for itching, too.

Peppermint Oil. When putting on the skin, peppermint oil can help with headache pain, achy muscles, and of course, itches, based on the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). In terms of essential oils are worried, peppermint oil tends to be from the firm side, so it is best only to use a couple of drops in a carrier.
Chamomile Oil.German chamomile herb is frequently used topically, as a rub or ointment, for skin problems that occur during cancer treatments, in line with the NCCIH. Given its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile may also calm the bug bites.
Lavender Oil.Be careful with lavender oil, because some individuals with sensitive skin may experience a hypersensitive reaction into the calming essential oil. (also, lavender oil is known to be an endocrine disruptor.) However, it is generally considered safe for topical use and may relieve pain related to bug bites.
Eucalyptus Oil.Known for its cooling influence on the skin, eucalyptus oil contains chemicals substances which are expected to reduce pain and reduce inflammation, per MedlinePlus. However, again, this essential oil needs to be diluted if it is going to be applied right to the skin. Also, it really should not be used in children.

Best Essential Oils For Itchy Bug Bites & Skin Relief.
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