Irene Ryan,6th cousin 3x removed

Irene Ryan is my 6th cosin 3x times removed. The ancestor who connects us together is Thomas Claiborne, my 8th great grandfather.

Irene Ryan (born Jessie Irene Noblitt; October 17, 1902 – April 26, 1973) ended up being an American actress who found triumph in vaudeville, radio, film, television, and Broadway.

Ryan is most extensively known for her depiction of Daisy May “Granny” Moses, the mother-in-law of Buddy Ebsen’s character, on the long-running television series The Beverly Hillbillies (1962–1971), for which she was nominated for Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 1963 and 1964.

My genealogical chart show the ancestor the connect us as relatives.

Irene Ryan (1902 – 1973)
6th cousin 3x removed

James Marritt Noblitt (1856 – 1913)
Father of Irene Ryan

Elizabeth “Eliza” Rebecca Thompson (1830 – 1880)
Mother of James Marritt Noblitt

Solomon Thompson (1790 – 1863)
Father of Elizabeth “Eliza” Rebecca Thompson

Jane Ann Dawson (1758 – 1829)
Mother of Solomon Thompson

Joseph Thompson (1728 – 1813)
Father of Jane Ann Dawson

Sarah Claiborne (1713 – 1777)
Mother of Joseph Thompson

Thomas Claiborne (1680 – 1732)
Father of Sarah Claiborne

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