After The Voting In Kentucky, Should We Be Concern About Discrimination Written into Law Again?


Strange, someone tried to take this article off the internet, I am just exposing it for what it is. You cannot hide the truth. Shame on You Law Makers! Let The past Die! This generation will not stand for injustice, and then hide the truth from the public by taking the article from the internet.

A Kentucky Senate committee is trying to pass a bill that would permit or allow store owners and other merchants along with other providers of services to refuse to serve interracial couples, mixed family members, or couples of various faiths. Also, the expenses would prevent the refused couples from seeking redress through the courts.
Next thing you know they will band and in the lifeless of the night with each other, eliminate the shops of those they see as different.

As the situations might differ, an imperative factor remains the same: religious beliefs has been used as a justification to discriminate against and harm others.

Cases of organizations and people claiming the right to discriminate in the name of faith are not new. In all those particular instances, as a society, we ought to acknowledge that demanding integration had not been about violating faith-based freedom; it was about making sure justice means equality. Today it is not any different.

Religious freedom in the United States means that people all possess the right to our spiritual values, but this will not provide all of us the to make use of our religion to discriminate against and impose individuals beliefs on other people who usually do not share them.


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