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Sitting for long periods at a desk may have a negative impact

Standing up and moving every 30 minutes for about three minutes may help mitigate the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting. Participants in this study found that taking as little as 15 steps during these mini-breaks enhanced elements of blood sugar management in the office setting. In a three-week study, Swedish researchers investigated what happened when office employees were instructed to break up their sitting time in their regular job over three weeks. Half of the participants wore activity trackers for a week, during which they were examined for metabolic health; the other half stood and moved about while at their jobs. The activity monitors woke them up every 30 minutes throughout the workday and reminded them to get up and move about for three minutes.

Move for 3 Minutes, Every Half-Hour, to Counter the Ill …. https://news.yahoo.com/move-3-minutes-every-half-123156762.html