Martin Van Buren ,8th President of the United States, 16th cousin 1x removed

Martin Van Buren is my 16th cousin 1x removed. The ancestor who connects us together is,Guillaume D’Avesnes III (1280 – 1337)

The genealogical chart to the ancestor that we share:

Martin Van Buren (1782 – 1862)
16th cousin 1x removed
Maria Dircksen Hoes
Mother of Martin Van Buren
Jannetje Laurense Van Schaack
Mother of Maria Dircksen Hoes
Laurens Claase Van Schaack
Father of Jannetje Laurense Van Schaack
Claes Laurenszen Van Egmond (1623 – 1662)
Father of Laurens Claase Van Schaack
Cornelis Segerse von Egmond (1599 – 1678)
Father of Claes Laurenszen Van Egmond
Sekger von Egmond (1570 – 1643)
Father of Cornelis Segerse von Egmond
Seger Cornelius von Egmond (1550 – 1599)
Father of Sekger von Egmond
Lamoral I von Egmond (1522 – 1568)
Father of Seger Cornelius von Egmond
Johann II von Egmond (1499 – 1526)
Father of Lamoral I von Egmond
Albrecht III Egmond van Merenstein (1470 – 1539)
Father of Johann II von Egmond
Johann I von Egmond (1438 – 1516)
Father of Albrecht III Egmond van Merenstein
Wilhelm von Egmond (1412 – 1483)
Father of Johann I von Egmond
Maria van Arkel (1383 – 1415)
Mother of Wilhelm von Egmond
Johana of Julich (1360 – )
Mother of Maria van Arkel
William VI of Julich (1335 – 1393)
Father of Johana of Julich
Johanna of Hainault (1315 – 1374)
Mother of William VI of Julich
Guillaume d’Avesnes III (1280 – 1337)
Father of Johanna of Hainault


Martin Van Buren was in fact an American statesman who functioned as the 8th president of the United States from YEAR 1837 to 1841. He was the first president born following the independence of the United States from the British Empire

President John Quincy Adams, 14th cousin 1x removed

John Quincy Adams the 6th President of the United States

John Quincy Adams is my 14th cousin 1x removed. The ancestor who connects us is my 14th great grandfather, John of Gaunt. John Plantaganet Beauford Beaufort of Ghent Gent Gaunt, Duke of Aquitaine, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (6 March 1340 – 3 February 1399) was an English prince, military leader, and statesman. He was the third regarding the five sons of King Edward III of England who survived to adulthood. Because of his royal origin, advantageous marriages, plus some generous land grants, Gaunt was among the richest men of his era, and an influential figure during the reigns of both his father, Edward, along with his nephew, Richard II. As Duke of Lancaster, he is the founder associated with the royal House of Lancaster, whose members would ascend to your throne after his death. His birthplace, Ghent, corrupted into English as Gaunt, was the origin for his name. As he became unpopular later in life, scurrilous rumors and lampoons circulated that he had been actually the son of a Ghent butcher, perhaps because Edward III was not present at the birth. This story always drove him to fury.

John Quincy Adams was an American statesman, diplomat, lawyer, and diarist who served as the sixth president of the United States from 1825 to 1829. He previously served as the eighth United States Secretary of State from 1817 to 1825.