Another planned terrorist attack by a man in Los Angeles area: When will these acts of violence stop?

Army veteran Mark Steven Domingo, 26, in an undated California Department of Motor Vehicles photo released by the U.S. Justice Department

A U.S. Army veteran who fought in Afghanistan conspired to stage an attack that is terrorist a planned white supremacist rally with the intent of inflicting mass casualties in the Los Angeles area, based on federal prosecutors.

Mark Steven Domingo, 26, was arrested final Friday after he received what he believed had been a live bomb that Domingo intended to detonate at a more prolonged Beach rally scheduled for Sunday. The supposed improvised explosive device was sent to Domingo by the undercover law enforcement officer.

The police charged Domingo with attempting and providing to provide material support to terrorists.

Based on an affidavit, Domingo actively talked about by having an FBI informant the possibility of attacking several possible sites, targeting Jews, cops, churches and a National Guard Armory before settling on the Long Beach rally.

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