Strength training: Low weight, high reps, or high weight, low reps? Is it preferable to lift larger weights for fewer repetitions or lower weights for more repetitions?

Many fitness experts believe that doing fewer repetitions with heavy weights improves muscle hypertrophy whereas doing more repeats with low weight enhances muscular endurance.

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Lifting heavier and lifting lighter may both assist you to burn fat and losing weight when it comes to weight reduction. According to one research after 8 weeks of strength training, individuals who lifted higher weights with fewer repetitions had greater strength. The research also found that participants who exercised with fewer weights but performed more repetitions had higher muscle-building activity. What are your fitness objectives? As a weight-loss consultant and personal trainer who focuses on women’s health and physique, every one of my clients has sought a sleek and toned appearance for the last 15 years, which is generally attained by doing more repetitions with lesser weights. More stress on their body is the last thing they need in order to lose weight and attain the physique they want. On the other hand, are you someone who is as calm as a cucumber and appreciates a good challenge? Even if weight reduction is your aim, if you are not stressed, exercising with heavier weights for fewer repetitions may be ideal for you at this point in your life. So, if you think it’s ideal for your body right now, consider lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions. Lifting greater weights will certainly cause your strength to improve quicker, which may be your aim! My customers’ next inquiry is how to tell when it’s time to gain weight. Is it necessary to raise weights, reps, or both when it comes to strength training? If you, like me, quickly bulk up, the solution is to stick to smaller weights with greater repetitions. After 2-3 weeks of executing 3 rounds of 15 reps, raise the weight to 4- or 5-pound dumbbells and repeat the cycle. If you think this is too simple and the pace is too sluggish, speed it up! However, bear in mind that I want my customers to concentrate on their overall strength and growth, rather than on continuing to increase their weight.


Strength training 101: Is it better to lift heavier weights or do more reps?.

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