Did you know China’s zero covid wavers as infections spread and complaints about lockdowns surge?

China’s greatest coronavirus epidemic in two years has spread to practically every corner of the nation, straining medical resources, closing companies, and industrial plants, and raising doubts about the government’s steadfast adherence to its zero COVID policy.

On Wednesday, health officials recorded 3,054 domestic coronavirus cases, a decrease from the previous day, when officials reported the country’s highest daily toll since 2020 of 5,154 local infections—still tiny numbers compared to most other big nations, but huge jumps for China.

On Tuesday, there were new coronavirus cases in at least 28 of the country’s 31 provinces and regions. The majority of the cases were caused by the BA.2 variant of the omicron coronavirus.

China is especially susceptible to the rapidly expanding omicron form.

According to a National Health Commission briefing on Tuesday, more than 50 million Chinese citizens over the age of 60 have not been completely immunized. If the epidemic is not contained, China risks becoming like Hong Kong, where more than 4,500 people died as a result of not being adequately vaccinated.

One user tweeted on the microblog Weibo on Monday that their family was detained on a highway for 14 hours attempting to reach the eastern Chinese town of Wuxi due to the abrupt new lockdown measures.

Despite signals of dissent, China has vowed to stick to its zero COVID policy.


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