Do you believe that COVID is still here?: Immunocompromised individuals express worry following the repeal of mask regulations

While the majority of the country is eager to shed their masks, a sizable portion of the populace is unable to do so.

Credit: Tatiana Ayazo

According to many, the most challenging aspect of being immunocompromised is convincing others. Durk Carlisle, 41, of Redlands, has recently discovered that wearing a mask attracts attention. “Now that I’m wearing the mask, I enter a building and notice that people are staring at me oddly. They are still unaware that I have a liver disease and hence regard me as being too cautious “‘He stated. However, you cannot be too cautious as a liver transplant recipient. Carlisle received a new transplant last year after his liver was devastated by an inflammatory condition. He is now on anti-rejection medication. “Anti-immunosuppressive medications are required to suppress the immune system. However, it also impairs the immune system’s ability to fight off infections such as COVID “Dr. Michael de Vera, Loma Linda University Health’s Chief of Transplant Surgery, stated. Around 3% of Americans are transplant recipients, and millions more suffer from comorbid illnesses that increase their risk. “Diabetes. Obese patients with heart disease and underlying pulmonary problems “As de Vera stated. Doctors encourage immunocompromised patients to use caution in crowded circumstances and to exert as much control as possible. “I want to underline the importance of vaccination. It lowers the danger of developing severe COVID, and the other option is to continue wearing a mask “As de Vera stated. Carlisle has had vaccinations and boosters. He understands why people are tired of masks, but cautions against forgetting how many lives are at stake. “They could transmit it on to another person, who could then pass it on to someone who is immunocompromised. And, unwittingly, they may cause a fatality as a result of their failure to wear a mask “Carlisle explained.


‘COVID is still here’: Immunocompromised people express fears as mask mandates are lifted.

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