The extremely infectious omicron variation

BA.2 is a strain of the extremely infectious omicron variation that seems to spread 30 percent more readily than the original. The danger is that dissemination will drastically increase in the not-too-distant future.

Thousands of people test positive for the coronavirus in the U.S. daily, and a small but growing fraction of them are for the more contagious omicron variant BA.2.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

BA.2 has already been discovered from coast to coast, accounting for 3.9 percent of all new infections in the United States. Although BA.2 does not seem to make patients worse than the original omicron, it may result in more severe disease and death if the drop in new cases is slowed. According to a new study, one of the remaining COVID-19 antibody therapies may be less efficient against BA.2. This virus seems to be a little better at avoiding the immune system than the last one. Because the virus is still present, we must take every precaution to safeguard ourselves.


More contagious version of omicron spreads in U.S., fueling worries.

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