Optogenetic therapy

Tunnel vision is a consequence of several cases where this occurs. In this patient, most patients’ sight is lost. The researchers’ optogenetic therapy was geared toward specific cells in particular. This team developed a viral vector that delivers a gene into ganglion cells responsive to red light, also known as amber light. The patient will have to wear a pair of goggles when undergoing the vision that takes incoming light and transforms it into monochromatic images, which are then projected live onto the re-engineered cells in the retina. When the patient is not wearing the goggles, he is completely blind. After gene therapy, patients had to turn their heads to locate items because they were dispersed in the retina. Scientists have spent decades trying to stimulate or suppress nerve cells with electrical impulses.

Scientists partially restore blind man’s vision with breakthrough gene therapy. https://www.cnet.com/news/scientists-partially-restore-vision-in-blind-man-using-breakthrough-gene-therapy/

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