Do you believe that there is 7 Ways to Prevent Headaches Caused By Too Much Screen Time?

We are all spending more time in front of screens these days, whether we are speaking with family or coworkers on Zoom, scrolling through TikTok dance challenges, or binge-watching television until Netflix asks, “Are you still watching?” While these devices enable us to connect with others and gain things done more proficiently, all that time staring at a screen may also cause one some extra headaches, literally and figuratively.
Eye strain is one of the common culprits behind screen headaches. “when one is looking at screens for very long amounts of time, the eyes are straining to focus and engage from the screen, meaning blinking less, focusing too hard, and merely overall working overtime.
Ocular confinement syndrome is described as increased irritation, burning, tearing, redness, eyestrain, fatigue, and headache, because of increased screen time at the home of quarantine, work from home, and shelter in the home.
Whenever we are centering on a screen, we blink less frequently because blinking would momentarily take our eyes away from reading or watching. Unfortunately, reduced blinking breaks within the tear film, which covers a person’s eye and helps protect it and keep it moisturized. As a result, our eyes get dry. This naturally causes mental performance to wish to close the eyelids, “but in our desire to keep watching or reading, we consciously or even more often subconsciously find it difficult to keep the eyes carefully open, resulting in more dryness and much more muscle spasm, until we end up with ‘eye strain,’ or eye aches or a headache.
Nearly, the screens we can not appear to quit are causing a battle between our brains and our eyes, and we also are on the losing end. If the eyes hurt looking over this, first take an excellent, long blink — or possibly two for good measure — after which read ahead for tips on keeping screen headaches at bay.

7 Ways to Prevent Headaches Caused By Too Much Screen Time.

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