Is it possible that CBD can ease signs and symptoms of a Hangover? This is what Experts Needed To Say

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Cannabidiol (or CBD) is everywhere, and even yet it has been life altering for some, you may still find lots of questions concerning its effectiveness.  CBD can help remedy a hangover. As much as we would like to report that this little of internet wisdom is true, the research just is not there yet. For the time being, POPSUGAR spoke with experts to find out how CBD works and just why it may help reduce hangover symptoms like headaches and nausea. It’s not all bad news! So What Does CBD Do?

Scientific studies are limited, and CBD affects everyone, I really think it to have a wide range of benefits. Many people find it reduces their anxiety, improves their sleep, and eases common pains, like a muscle soreness and headaches, amidst remaining ailments. These benefits are often related to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. CBD also affects neurologic pathways that control things such as nausea, pain, and appetite. 

“Phytocannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid (EC) system,” Jennifer Landa, MD, chief medical officer and physician at BodyLogicMD, told POPSUGAR. “When looking at the body, there are compounds that bind to the EC receptors. The key two as 2-AG and anandamide.” When transmitters in smaller numbers, one may encounter more discomfort or feel more concerned, but phytocannabinoids like CBD assist to enhance those levels, cutting your symptoms. The situation for treating a hangover with CBD is not cut and dry.

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