President William Henry Harrison, 9th President, 17th cousin, 1x removed.

President William Henry Harrison is my 17th cousin 1x removed. The ancestor who connect us as relatives is, Edward “Longshanks” King of England I (1239 – 1307), my 17th great grandfather.

Biography. William Henry Harrison (February 9, 1773 – April 4, 1841) was a United States military officer and politician who served just like the ninth president of the United States in 1841. He died of typhoid, pneumonia or paratyphoid fever 4 weeks into his term (the shortest tenure), becoming the first president to die in office. His death sparked a brief constitutional crisis concerning succession in the presidency, due to the Constitution was vague whether Vice President John Tyler should assume your office of president or merely execute the duties of one’s vacant office. Tyler declared constitutional mandate to execute the full powers and duties of the presidency and took the presidential oath of office, setting a necessary precedent for your orderly exchange of presidential power whenever the president leaves the office.

William Henry Harrison daguerreotype edit.jpg

Harrison was a son of Founding Father Benjamin Harrison V and the paternal grandfather of Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president of the United States. That was transpiring a final president born for being British subject in the Thirteen Colonies before the start of the Revolutionary War in 1775. During his early military career, he participated in the 1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers, the United States military victory that effectively ended the Northwest Indian War. Later, he led a military force in opposition to Tecumseh’s Confederacy along at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, where he earned the nickname “Old Tippecanoe”. Joe promoted to major general in the Army within the War of 1812, and in 1813 led American infantry and cavalry with the Battle considering the Thames in Upper Canada.

Harrison began his political career in 1798 when he was appointed Secretary considering the Northwest Territory, and in 1799 joe elected just like the territory’s delegate in your home of Representatives. 24 months later, President John Adams named him governor of one’s new Indiana Territory, a post he held until 1812. When War of 1812, he transported to Ohio where he was elected to represent the state’s 1st district at home in 1816. In 1824, the shape legislature elected him towards the United States Senate; his term was truncated by his appointment as Minister Plenipotentiary to Gran Colombia in May 1828. Afterward, he came back to private life in Ohio until that was transpiring nominated like the Whig Party candidate for president in the 1836 election; that was transpiring defeated by Democratic vice president Martin Van Buren. A period of four years later, the party nominated him again with John Tyler as his running mate, and the Whig campaign slogan was “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too”. They defeated Van Buren within the 1840 election, making Harrison the very first Whig to win the presidency.

At 68 years, 23 times of age at the time of his inauguration, Harrison was the oldest person to have assumed the U.S. presidency, a distinction he held until 1981 when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated at age 69 years, 349 days. Resulting from his brief tenure, scholars and historians often forgo listing him in historic presidential rankings. Having said that, historian William W. Freehling calls him ” by far the most dominant figure inside the evolution of given Northwest territories directly into Upper Midwest today”.

My genealogical chart showing the ancestor that make us related:

President William Henry Harrison (1773 – 1841)
17th cousin 1x removed

Benjamin Harrison VI (1726 – 1791)
Father of President William Henry Harrison

Anne Carter (1745 – )
Mother of Benjamin Harrison VI

Col. Robert Carter (1663 – 1732)
Father of Anne Carter

Sarah Ludlow
Mother of Col. Robert Carter

Gabriel Ludlow
Mother of Sarah Ludlow

Thomas Ludlow
Father of Gabriel Ludlow

Edith de Windsor
Mother of Thomas Ludlow

Sir Andrews de Windsor
Father of Edith de Windsor

Elizabeth Andrews
Mother of Sir Andrews de Windsor

Elizabeth Stratton (1410 – 1485)
Mother of Elizabeth Andrews

Elizabeth Luttrell (1388 – 1439)
Mother of Elizabeth Stratton

Sir Hugh Luttrell
Father of Elizabeth Luttrell

Elizabeth de Courtnay
Mother of Sir Hugh Luttrell

Margaret de Bohun
Mother of Elizabeth de Courtnay

Humphrey de Bohun (1342 – 1373)
Father of Margaret de Bohun

William de Bohun (1312 – 1361)
Father of Humphrey de Bohun

Elizabeth Plantagenet of Rhuddan (1282 – 1316)
Mother of William de Bohun

Edward “Longshanks” King of England I (1239 – 1307)
Father of Elizabeth Plantagenet of Rhuddan


Henry William Harrison.

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