Do you know what Tahini is?

Tahini is typically a common ingredient in popular foods worldwide, including hummus, halva, and baba ghanoush.

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Favored to its smooth texture and rich taste, it may be used as a dip, spread, salad dressing, or condiment.

Plus it boasts a dust bin of nutrients and a number of other rewards, that makes it vital for practically any kitchen pantry.

Tahini is typically a paste made out of toasted and ground sesame seeds.
Considered essential of Mediterranean cuisine, tahini is often featured in traditional Asian, Middle Eastern, and African dishes too.

It’s a remarkably versatile ingredient which can be served just like a dip, spread, or condiment.

It typically possesses a smooth texture similar to nut butter but a stronger, more savory taste that’s often talked about as bitter.

In addition to providing valuable nutrients, tahini has as well been linked to many perks, including improved heart health, reduced inflammation, and potential cancer-fighting effects.


What Is Tahini? Ingredients, Nutrition, Benefits, and Downsides.

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